I just received my first royalty check after signing division orders on Friday. I am kind of appalled. I know it varies, but can anyone give the price per acre being brought in after all the deductions? Mine is less than $100/acre.

I'm with Rice and this wasn't quite a month's worth but think it's really low. I'm aware that it depends on several things and understand that the price of gas is really low now.

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Mr. Hale,

I read your comment and went back and read the comments previous to yours. I am not able to pinpoint who the "friends of oil and gas" are.

Would you please enlighten us sir ?

One can only wonder why we speculate, especially when you get answers like, are computers only give running totals and cannot go back and lookup previous totals. That leaves you thinking that maybe they are still running MS dos operating system and they have to wait for the new floppy disc to come, then you think poor oil company can't even afford to upgrade. Or you go to the Belmont County home office and ask about a particular well and they answer we know nothing. Then you think maybe that office isn't for Belmont but for Texas. Also the answer that they can go back 2 years and change amounts and prices on the output of the well, one can only speculate they do keep separate books for each occasion.

If you think that is low, wait a few months. I'm getting after seven months only 30% of what I averaged in the first three months.


Who are you leased with? Are you in the dry or wet gas region? What is you well name?

At first oil revenues were about equal with gas and liquids. Now, without the oil there would be almost no royalties. Chesapeake won't reveal who they sell to or at what price, or what their true costs are.

Write a letter to the Department Of Justice, the US Attorney General and tell her you would like to see the Chesapeake Revenue Department Royalty Calculation spreadsheet for your well.

In 2014 the US AG & DOJ subpoenaed Chesapeake for the records they are using to pay landowners. If the DOJ doesn't have a copy of your Spreadsheet they have allowed Chesapeake to not comply with their request.

After reading a recent document from Texas that stated Chesapeake was selling well products to themselves as Chesapeake Energy Marketing Inc (CEMI), which now goes by a different acronym, so Chesapeake can say they don't sell to CEMI. I get the sense that from Texas to Pennsylvania Chesapeake Energy is conducting the same con/fraud using the Spreadsheet. They only have one Revenue Department, so I'm betting they aren't agile enough to play different games with different states. It all one big game, steal Billions from landowners, settle out of court for millions.

China has been going to countries they have loaned money to and they are taking their minerals. Think about it. It won't take long to ask the question some of us are thinking. How deep does this conspiracy go? Where is the Justice For All?

Take your medication.

I couple years ago I remember talking to someone in Kansas that said that China owned all of the mineral rights in the area.

Ask an attorney about "Potts vs. Chesapeake Exploration No,13-10601" decided by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans in August, 2014, which addresses this issue under Texas law.

You need to demand an audit of the division order. They are having high school educated analysts calculate the division orders. Since the downturn, the operator has skimped on receiving division order title. The division Order Title almost guarantees that your division order is correct because they use the abstracting title opinion plus the decimal interest spreadsheet. Call Rice and demand an audit of the royalties. If they do not respond, file a law suit and make them pay you the right number. You could be losing thousands each month. 

With the Big Producer taking it all, the smaller producers are sure to take advantage of Land Owners as well.

When no one sees the State and Federal Government taking action, they realize its a free for all, take what you want, report what you want.

The only fix I see for this is a President that demands that all US Citizens and Corporation obey the law or face the consequences.

The Oil & Gas companies have been doing this as long as they have existed. It's not funny and it's not a civil matter, it is criminal activity.


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