Has anyone received correspondence from Antero about the company wanting to buy your mineral rights?

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My property is located in Tyler Co., WV.
I also have property in tyler. We just leased with them in jan. Also running pipe across property. No mention to buying
Yes Jason, they are running pipeline through our property too.
My mother signed a 5 year lease with Antero in 2014 in Gilmer County for 100 acres. No drilling yet.
They have offered us $7200 per acre (40 acres) but I think we are going to hold to our rights for now. They have not done any drilling yet as they are still running the pipeline I guess.

to lease or to buy?

They want to buy. Our property is in the Ellsworth district. Offered us $7200 per acre. We passed on the offer. Our lease is up in 2019 so we'll see what they offer.

Better grab that money because when they get bought out those offers won't come back around anytime soon.

I agree.   When they make an offer accept it or negotiate, but don't wait for something better because there is a fair amount of lease land available.   Unless you have inside info about the company's need. 

could get that much in just the first year of royalty if drilled.  

I'd call Pikewood Energy in Morgantown. I hear they have paid nearly $7,600/acre for 18% royalties with no fees and closings in under 20 days.

Depends on what you're looking to achieve, though. 

We are already leasing with them. Buying people out is easier for them because then they don't have to keep leasing with you, less trouble and paperwork on their end.


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