My Atlas well has been shut-in for more a year. Has anyone been receiving royalties from them? Wondering if it has anything to do with bankruptcy and reorganization.

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Yes, I'm receiving royalties from Atlas.  If your well has been shut-in there's no production, thus no royalties.

Have you been getting shut in payments?

A lot has happened since my first post on this. When I sent an email to Atlas/Titan telling them that they owed me a shut-in fee, I received a reply from Tori Solomon, the owner relations person for Diversified, telling me that they were the new owner of the well and that she would work on it. Within a few short weeks I had my payment. I then pointed out that my consent was required for the transfer of ownership of the well and that was not requested. She got right on it and seems to continue to be my advocate. This lady knows her way around and I feel lucky that she is there. I continue to be a sceptic of the industry in general but I think I have someone on my side within Diversified.

That's a good point, Kathi. They've taken on so many wells and leases that it's almost impossible for them to keep up with maintaining all of the payments with people like Kathi reaching out and letting them know that they are past due.

Now it may also depend on the county and area that you are located, Al and Kathi, as to whether they intend to maintain payments or not.

Atlas (Titan) was purchased by Diversified Oil & Gas in May 2017.

There are some inaccuracies  in what has been posted:

1)  Atlas filed bankruptacy.  The court split the assets between Atlas, Atlas/Titan, and Diversified. Owner notifications were provided by the court.

2)  I am receiving royalties from Atlas and Diversified  on the same wells.


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