Ascent bought out our lease with Carrizo. Carrizo told us that they would still have to abide by the contract, but Ascent is telling us that they don't have to and they are not paying us. It is in our contract that Carrizo would pay us last year and this year if the well wasn't producing yet...And it's not. Any good attorneys in Guernsey County area to help with this?

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lol like will a dog eat a steak. Ascent are straight up conmen thieves. of course your going to get screwed.

No, not a shut in well. This well hasn't started producing yet. Projected to start producing this fall. This was an amendment to a previous lease and allows them to come across our land with vehicles, water lines, to place buildings, etc. It expanded their areas. They told us one day that they were cutting the check and we'd receive it by week's end and then called the next day and said the land man said he wasn't paying us.....No explanation except he didn't think we were owed that money. Told the secretary that it's a breach of contract. They didn't care. Looking into an attorney. Thanks Matt. :)

I am confused.

What did they not pay on, land bonus monies after the initial 5 year lease period ? Other monies to secure the use of your land ? 

Matt, I believe you are correct---An addendum to a surface use lease. We signed last April and we were paid $600/acre and told we would get that last year and again around the first anniversary of signing. We got our first payment, but they're refusing the second. If the well started producing before the first anniversary, we weren't to collect those monies again, only the royalties. But, the well isn't producing as of yet. There are several of us on my road that signed these contracts.

It's for surface


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