added Coveytown, Champdale West, Burke North, Bustin Northeast and Dzubia South units

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Do you have another format for this information.  I cannot open a .kmz extension.


Russ Snowburg

Thank you.  I am by no means computer savvy.  LOL

How would I go about getting maps like this for other counties such as Tioga, Potter, and Lycoming?

Thanks so much for sharing the information!

Again Wayne, you da man. Thanks so much for your efforts. It is appreciated

Thanks Wayne! 

How do I get that overlay for northern Sullivan Co.?

For some folks, loading google earth does not work for some reason. Wayne, do you have a PDF? It would be much appreciated.

I can post a pdf of the unit map for any specific prod unit(s) you are interested in, but not for the entire map. Let me know which one.

 Scott Wilcox was interested in developing a map for Tioga Co a few weeks ago. Maybe several of you can get together. "Buddy Ebsen" has done it for Susquehanna Co. He's on the p************* forum.

Here are my suggestions.

First, DEP has a site on which you can search for gas well locations by county and township. You can sign up to receive an E-mail each time a well site permit is applied for or updated. Some companies give a GPS co-ordinate on the application, if not you can wait for DEP to enter the well on eMaps . Here you can view all the well sites in the county and pick the GPS from that map. I then enter This GPS is entered in GE as a placemark. This process is not entirely necessary, but it helps locate the production units later on.

 I search Landex using company names and other as the document type to search for unit declarations. These show up as "MISCELLANEOUS" document type. From this you get an Instrument #. You can also see a list of landowners affected.

  Now go to Landex Remote  Download this program and add $25.

This costs 20 cents/minute connect time in Bradford. I'm not sure about Tioga.  Enter the Instrument #, F12, double click the instrument, click Image Request then pick the page you want and print it. The unit map is usually the last page. Another page is the list of landowners and their property allocations in the unit. As soon as the page has gone to the printer, exit and enter another Instrument # or exit and disconnect. With practice you can get a unit map in 30 seconds connect time.

 Now set GE to the same scale as the map using two points ( road intersections are good) , then  add, polygon and plot the corners of the unit using roads property lines and a set of dividers to outline the unit.

Here is an example of a CHK unit map

and an owners page 

 If you run into problems, feel free to ask specific questions.


Im not sure where you are finding that updated permit info I clicked all the links provided in these posts and dont see anything that provide any maps or info on gas permits applied for or granted in Bradford Co.
Go to and select enotice toward the bottom of the list. 


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