So the rumors are that Cabot drilled a well into the Rodgersville shale in Putnam County, WV and is getting great results.  If anybody has any more information, this would be a great place to talk about it.

Side note, I've been telling my clients and people on these forums for a long time that the Marcellus and Utica are not the only formations to be concerned with.  The leases you sign could be in place for a long, long time.  Negotiate accordingly.

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What kind of results? A genealogist working for them contacted my family last year. My grandfathers family moved from Putnam County to Ohio ~ 1900 but they kept the minerals on their 40 acres according to the researcher. He gave me a contact at Cabot but I can't get anyone to provide me with any info. They told me on the phone "oh I think I remember that one, it was too hairy so we aren't going to pursue that at this time". I was concerned at the time that there may be vertical wells that had been drilled but no one ever paid any royalties on those wells. Apparently, they sold the coal in the 1940's but retained the O&G rights, according to the genealogist/land man. I have been toying with hiring someone.

What would you hire someone to do?  Genealogical research?  Or trying to figure out whether the wells were drilled on your property

Help me figure out exactly where the property is located. I could figure the rest out. 

Kyle, don't write off that genealogical research especially in WV with severed mineral rights;  those researchers/landmen know more about the genealogy of people than you can imagine and they dig deep to know who in present time owns the minerals.   My suggestion especially in WV is that property owners better know who their cousins are before the cousins claim all the royalties.

Data for production from last year hasn't been posted online yet.  It looks like the well is going to be the Cabot 50 well.  The API number is 079-01538.  It's located just east of a little place called Hometown.  Permits were pulled last April through June.  Looks like we're going to have to run on rumors until production data is posted online.


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