Looking for any information on this parcel # 01-0012-0022-0004 Thanks and God Bless

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It's a little one, 0.36 acres, an old school house lot according to the tax info.  It's located on Ross Run (which is County Route 50) just to the east of Governor's Road (CR 50/1).  A Marcellus shale well has been permitted to run under that tract, almost directly.  API Number 47-095-02649.  It's with CNX, and the last permit for that well was on August 23 of this year.  

Thank you very much for the information. Do you have any idea when I might start seeing Royalties out of this one and do you think it will be very small royalties? I also own interests in another well out there somewhere I will try to find the parcel for that one? Do you know anything about production of this Well? Is it active? I'm so new at all this and it's very confusing.  I recently inherited these 2 wells. The one you looked up is the one CNX has leased from me. The other one myself and my 3 siblings all own interests in. 2 of us have been paid for a lease on that property and 2 of us have not.  When I asked CNX about this they say they no longer need leases for that property. It's all so confusing to me. Thank you so much for your help. 

The web sites I used to find that info are: WV Flood Tool, WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas (their map and their oil and gas database), and of course Google Maps.  You should familiarize yourself with the WV DEP OOG web site because that's where you'll find a lot of the info you need.

Royalties will be small because the tract is small.  It's impossible to say for sure what the royalties will be because it depends on the price of gas and the amount of gas that will be produced.

The well is permitted, and they may be drilling it right now.  I'd be surprised if they're producing from it at this point.

Do you know anything about another interest I own in Tyler county? I don't have the parcel number right now but it is supposed to be 111 acres it was purchased by George Pierson  from W.E. Doak sometime in the late 20s early 30s. That is the property I spoke about that my three other siblings also have interest in. CNX signed a lease with 2 of us and even had a landman personally deliver the lease payment to two of us while the other two of us did not sign a lease or get paid. When I asked CNX about this they claim they no longer need those leases? I don't understand at all. Also how many others besides my sibli gs and myself are involved in this land? I'm so confused! I am the one that signed the affidavit of heirship for CNX and I also sent in a notorized signed lease for the property I mentioned. When I asked them why I never received my lease payment they said that I didn't send them the lease, which clearly I did. I still have copies of the contract I sent them but still I have not saw a lease payment. Also like I already mentioned they said they no longer need that lease... Any feedback you have on all of this would be very appreciated..... Thank you and God Bless!

What probably happened with that one is that they decided they weren't interested in drilling a well under that 111 acres any more.  If your siblings end up receiving royalty payments for that one then you will have one heck of a case.  As is, you probably don't.  The Order of Pay that you would have gotten would have given them all the rights in the world, most likely, including the right to not pay.  It's really common in the industry.

Ok well here's the latest from CNX. They emailed me this morning to say that the landsman i had was no longer with CNX. The lady that contacted by telephone was more helpful in 5 minutes than i have ever been contacted by with CNX. I and another sibling of mine signed a lease at the same time as our other two siblings but two of us never were paid for the lease but two were.. i know its a lot of the same words, but i dont know how to explain it.  So i have signed 2 seperate leases and only got paid for one of them. The one i wasn't paid tor was sent in and notarized over a year ago. Now all they can really tell me is that they have no idea why? They keep finding all these small interests that i inherited along with my siblings. Why wouldn't they have found all of them at the same time when I signed the affidavit of heirship.  Its all so confusing my landsman said they no longer needed leases for any of my intrest,  although i had already signed and agreed to two of them. Ok im probably loosing everyone, im loosing myself in this mess. I dont know anything? Do i need an attorney? Is it worth hiring a attorney? CNX is clearly in default and did not execute their lease...

I'm a lawyer so of course I think it's worth it to hire a lawyer.  Just kidding, sometimes it doesn't make sense to hire a lawyer because this stuff is mostly about the money and if what you own isn't going to make you enough money then it doesn't make sense to spend a bunch of money on it.

It's confusing.  I mean, that's why I can make money doing this.  There's an awful lot to know about oil and gas and it takes a long time to learn.

It sounds like you inherited rights to a bunch of tracts, probably from someone several generations back.  Usually it's a great-grandpa or great-aunt or something.  You might have inherited from more than one person.  When the company is interested in developing a tract they'll go look for the owners.  They find great-grandpa's name on a deed.  Then they do the genealogy for him.  Your name turns up.  Your name isn't directly tied to any tract until they've done the work to determine the heirs, though.  The records kept in West Virginia are just that way.

They probably aren't developing the tracts that you have ownership of.  Probably.  Hard to say for sure without doing all the title work yourself.

Hope that helps some.

Thank you for your information i really do appreciate it. Yes my great grandmother bought these tracts in the late 20s early 30s and they were just passed down the line. I just wonder if they are big enough tracts to produce any type of royalties that would even be worth all this hassle.  What About the contract that i signed and CNX did not execute. I never recieved a lease payment for that contract. Wouldnt that put them in default of the lease? So shouldnt they have to compensate for not executing their said lease? I really appreciate all your help. Thank you a lot.

This all u have basically on one of them in the fikes attached..



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