Hi all, I just finished reading an article from Reuters about this possible merger.

Looks like Chesapeake Energy is trying to acquire Southwestern Energy to create a 17 billion dollar company that would surpass EQT as the largest natural gas exploration and production firm in the US market. 

I wonder what that will do to all of us here in WV, Ohio, and PA? Sometimes bigger isn't better! I'm not getting the warm fuzzy feelings on this one!

What do you folks think?

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My husband had to stop at Southwestern's gathering station a few days ago. The worker told him, the new company took over on Jan. 1st. 

I am thinking this is a bad idea too. Will Chesapeake run like they used too? or have they changed. Time will tell I guess.

    Sherry, looks like your husband was right about that take over date! I am skeptical about the announcement they made today about that merger. It stated the merger went thru today and Chesapeake owns 60 percent of the new company and Southwestern owns the other 40 percent. I think Chesapeakes recent track record has shown they changed their behavior from the past, but now they are the number one exploration, and production company in the United States for natural gas. How will this status change their outlook on the rules and regulations that govern them. Will they think big firm, big ego, I can do no wrong? Or will they see this merger as a blessing and help America get off of foreign oil and make America the number one producer and exporter of oil and natural gas. Like you stated......"only time will tell." I pray this merger is a good thing for all of us doing business with Chesapeake and Southwestern!


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