Does anyone know if these gas companies and subcontractors use any compressed natural gas vehicles or do they just fill up with foreign diesel fuel?  US has Boon Pickens and corporations asking for governmental support and funding for CNG, one has to ask where the leadership is on this topic.

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CNG would be a disaster, The exhaust would be radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer. radon has a half life of 4 days and would stay close to ground level. in addition, scientists around the world concur.. the continued use of fossil fuels will contribute to climate change to a point of never being able to turn back.

i really dont want to insult anybody on our great website, but i have never heard such uneducated dribble out of a persons mouth.CNG is wonderful, statistics, for every refuse truck diesel converted to cng equals taking 325 cars off the road. NOx, and all the air emissions are reduces save a few, and specifically methane. I know the dribble about radon, but every home with a basement needs to address this, though before man started polluting his body with cigarettes, pesticides on our food, corn fructose syrup and every fake additive, cancer wasnt the issue it is today. Houses with passive radon ventilation as i was authorized to install are nothing more than a pipe up thru the roof to evacuate passively. get real. Read about what happened after 911, the earths temperature rose over two degrees. Why? Airliners werent flying, therefore less particulates, therefor more sunliht entering the earths atmosphere. We need to be good stewards of our environment, but CNG reduces so much pollution that the EPA should jump up and down with joy. As it is the cng passes with flying colors and i own an emissions tester, and i am saving data to prove it over time. Perhaps you want hydrogen energy, oh wait you get it from methane. or maybe electric, lets stoke up those coal electric plants, or the ones being converted to ng. Energy is always lost, as such continuously converting it further is just a waste.

Cabot's office in Dimock, PA have dozens of trucks parked outside that are NG powered. I have also seen many Chesapeake trucks with a sticker that says "Alternative Fuel Vehicle", usually in the Wyalusing area.

One day while surveying a Chesapeake employee told me and my partner that his company is planning to build a CNG fueling station in Sayre, PA. I haven't been through there nor paid any attention to see if it's actually happening, though.

The use of CNG as a transportation fuel is happening...just much slower than it should be. It is more efficient, burns cleaner, and is cheaper!!! PERFECT TRIFECTA!!! T.BOONE PICKENS was on to something years ago...our leadership was not...and still has no clue...WHY?


 In Honk Kong 2001 They wanted to build a Disney theme park? They were told to change all there taxi cabs to NG because of air pollution and smog within the next 2 years they did IT. Big OIL did not like it $$$ and the beat goes on. Not sure they got there park but the air to breath cleaner?  Joseph Keller

I was recently in a Wash County, PA  shop which Frames Photo's , Art ,Prints Etc.. to get a Mar Shale map framed for My New House, Which a CHK lease paid for (the house not the map).  After about a 45 minute discussion of the Gas Boom, leases etc with the owner he went to the back and brought out a large framed Photo of two Peterbuilt Tanker trucks.  He told me that the company just purchased 250 of these Brand New Peterbuilts and they would all be Powered by NG.  Sorry I forgot the name of the trucking company, but I am pretty sure they are local to the Pittsburgh area.  I work right outside the Beltway of Wash DC. Montgomery County, MD uses NG to power most of their buses and most of the county vehicles.   If NG can run a Peterbuilt tanker then there is NO reason it could not run all of our cars.  I dont buy the "cost excuse" a trucking company is going to switch to NG for one reason only, because it is more cost effective!

GUY, I00%, 24 KARAT, UNEQUIVICALLY right on!!! I can guarantee that company did a comprehensive study on the benefits of switching to NG powered trucks before they purchased 250 of them!!!


U.S. Department of Energy
Alternative Fuel Comparison
Jan-March 2011
  Nationwide Average
Price for Fuel
Nationwide average
Price for Fuel
4th Quarter 2010
Gasoline (regular) $3.69 $3.08
Diesel $4.04 $3.45

in pittsburgh, alot of the "mass transit" units i.e. busses, government trucks ect. are already running on CNG technology.  It is however still too dangerous for cars (even though CNG kits are available for purchase for cars, that run off of CNG or the normal gasoline).

Please explain why it is, "TOO DANGEROUS FOR CARS"...And somebody might want to tell Honda to quit making CNG powered vehicles...I have three friends who drive them!!!

its not that its "to dangerous", as you mentioned it is possible, the problems with it is that their is a chance of "explosion" in the event of an accidental collision (why the mass transit busses have the tanks on the top of the bus)  It is a great alternative to gasoline (alot cheaper).  But there is not an good enough infrastructure of CNG stations to fill you car up.  Also, they do offer the option to hook a compressor up to your house gas, but it takes all night to fill it up.  It is a GREAT idea and im positive it will be the norm in the near future.  It just takes time for ideas like this to take effect.  But i support CNG vehicles 100%. Im just waiting on more CNG pumps to be available at gas stations ect.  I have heard thru the grapevine that Giant Eagle's Get Go stations are activily pursuing the idea.

I wouldnt be surprised that in the near future all cars will come with the option for CNG. as the benefits are astronomical compared to normal gasoline cars.

EPA regulations that have been put into effect for TIER 4 diesel engines now require a particulate filter to control particulate emissions and the use of urea (adblue) to control NOx emissions.  These engines have to use a high pressure rail fuel injection system.  These changes effectively almost double the cost of the engines and you need additional maintenace to keep them running plus the cost of the urea (more expensive than the diesel fuel).   Plus you loose horsepower because of the added resistence in the system.  A CNG engine would not need any of these technologies because it burns so much cleaner!  I think these new EPA regs may encourage operaters to convert to CNG engines faster than anticipated.   Fuel is cheaper and the engine is significantly simpler and cheaper.  It is just too economical. 


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