CONSERVATIVE VS. LIBERAL What it means for Gas and Oil / Energy Independance

Right now we still have a war going on inside our government.... Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives... Media melt downs and hate filled lies and exaggerations about our duly elected POTUS.... Keep in mind this man, Donald J. Trump won the election in a land slide! The people have spoken but there are those who refuse to except that fact and have vowed to resist his authority. The liberal Democrats refuse to cooperate with the Republican House, Senate, and White house to get the smallest of things done, a simple budget deal to avoid a gov. shutdown hangs in the balance to further the Dems. political agenda, Daca...... The Liberal mainstream media continues its relentless attacks on this President reporting 90% negative stories and ignoring the great accomplishments that have been made in the last year.

I want to focus on the U.S. Energy sector.... It's booming! Oil and Gas is expanding and the coal miners are working, more good paying jobs are out there and more Americans are working and making a good living thanks to our conservative majority and POTUS! Do you think all these good things would be happening had the Liberals won? NOT! The new tax cuts would have never happened which would mean no growth, no change, no new (good) jobs, coal miners devastated, oil and gas exploration put on hold due to tougher regulations, our enemies would be getting stronger while our military is neglected and weakened! These are the facts everyone..... Even though our POTUS sometimes uses colorful language and mis- speaks and tweets a little too much he is still the best man for the job. The press doesn't report on all the good things he does but nit picks and foments hatred toward him in the hopes of destroying his Presidency. So ask your self "whose side am I on?" Do I want this country to be great again and lead the free world with strength and prosperity or do I want the same old Shit the Liberal left would impose on the working middle class like the last 8 years of Barrack Hussein Obama, (sounds like a good muslim name to me.) Remember when Obama went to the U.N. and apologized for our country being too prosperous? All the regulations imposed on the energy sector, and the lax border control which led to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border bringing with them minor children who no fault of their own are here now against the law. All I say now is I will campaign for the conservative candidates who are on the Presidents side and want to make America Great Again! It's a "No Brainer"!   

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If you seriously believe carbon dioxide is a pollutant, you and your liberal cohorts can stop breathing to reduce pollution!


Sorry bust your bubble Carp but fossil fuels are not the cause climate change. Many scientist are now saying that "Solar Cycles" are the main cause. I agree that we need to use our coal more efficiently and take measures to curtail pollution from automobiles but if the rest of the industrialized world does not comply our efforts mean nothing and stifles our economic growth and cost us dearly. These are facts. We are putting way less pollutants now than the rest of the world. Some of the regulations on pollutants are working and those we should keep but not the stupid choking regs set forth by the Obuma administration.

As long as DJT is President it means full steam ahead!


AMEN BARRY! The liberals have been trying for a solid year to take D.J.T. down with no success and they are starting to flounder and grasp at straws. No one can prove any Russian collusion, and they can't say he is unfit mentally or physically to lead this country, what else do they have? Only the liberal left fake news media to keep lying the American people and reporting negative stories. They can't produce a sex scandal about him but they keep trying. They cant prove he is a racist, (what a joke). The Clintons stole the money that was donated to Haiti after the earth quake and the Haitian people know it but the media won't talk about that. Sad

As long as DJT is President, He is going have to start listening to everyone, not just to billionaires! 

Lance; I think you just opened up a can of worms. big time!

Good, people need to know the truth and stand up for it!

But Lance how can anyone be trusted when he makes derogatory statements over and over again and then says, "I didn't say that"?

People do need to know the truth! But when a person who wants to be looked up to as a leader will never make friends by pointing out their faults constantly. Better to look at their good qualities and encourage these good and positive attributes! 

Trump is saying exactly what conservative tax paying American citizens say at home every night after listening to progressive nut jobs disrespect actual citizens in order to protect illegal aliens.  He does not need to be your friend, he needs to save the country from the corrupt progressive politicians and illegal aliens from shithole countries that have been ruining the country since Reagan left office. Get off your elitist PC soap box!

Well said Ed!!!!

Ok Carp, D.J.T. might not be perfect and is sometimes careless with his words but he is 10 times more competent at running our country than the sick alternatives. The liberals who want open borders so poor illegals can flood our system and our voting booths and vote for the liberals who made it possible for them to invade our country. The liberals who want to take away your gun rights and limit you to a shot gun and .22 to protect yourself while the criminals have the ARs and the AKs. The liberals who want YOU to pay for late term partial birth abortions on demand, look at Oregon's abortion laws, even illegals are eligible for tax payer funded abortions! If we build the wall where it is needed and beef up border security via drones, and sensors and high fences fewer illegals will get in which means fewer taxpayer dollars spent on their freebies, such as education, health care, food stamps and housing. In that way the wall will pay for itself and Mexico will have indirectly funded it with money saved. I think D.J.T. had that planned. Oh yes, don't forget about the war on coal and oil and gas exploration here that has us set to be the #1 oil and gas producer in the world even out producing Saudi Arabia this year! The liberals would rather us power our homes with solar and wind and the kiss the asses of Muslim countries (Our Enemies) for our oil which just isn't enough. Do you agree with the Liberals socialist agenda? Are you a Socialist Carp? If you agree with the Dems on these key issues then you might be a Socialist. I bet you were a Bernie fan. The D.N.C. and Hilliary Cliton screwed that man out of the nomination and everybody knows it. But Bernie is a self professed honest to God Socialist.  Where do you stand on these issues? Not just pointing out the flaws of Trump which are petty when it comes to the big picture, the survival of our country and our American way of life.       


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