I believe that we will be going through a few tough quarters economically. However, certain news media are trying to blame Trump and make this pandemic a political football. The virus began in Wuhan Province in China. They experiment with biological virus and bacteria from tortured animals. China said that the coronavirus could not be transmitted from person to person and the Province held their annual festival late last year where millions of people attended. The attendees traveled all over the world while the World Health Organization listened to China`s BS. The U.S. gave over $800 Billion  to the WHO while China gave less than 10% and China is trying to say that our military started this Pandemic. Trump cut the WHO funding, NAFTA, Paris Accord ( which would really hurt Oil and Gas), and tariffed the hell out of Iran after ripping up the Iran Agreement. We would never know how corrupt our government became if it was not for Trump i.e. Washington, the Lobbyists, FBI, CIA, Dept. of Justice, and all of the political appointees from previous administrations. We lose 20,000 to 60,000 people a year to flu season but now we have an economy that was booming 5 months ago and is now crippled. Humans have to be exposed to the antigen (virus) for the body to build an antibody. The people that can`t will need a vaccine or a ventilator. This Pandemic crippled Oil and Gas because no one is traveling. Wonder if Trump`s health advisors are keeping a tally on lost lives because of the misery, lost jobs, decimated retirements, and depression that is the result of shutting down the economy. LETS GET BACK TO WORK !!

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Weeks ago a couple in Arizona took Trumps advice and drank some of their aquarium anti viral Hydroxychloroquine solution.  Hours later they ended up in the ER.  The husband died A horrific death and the wife was in critical condition.  Even doctors and dentists were hoarding Hydroxychloroquine prescribing it for themselves, family and friends.  Even a percentage of presumed intelligent devotees will follow their cult leader down the wormhole.  The FDA, CDC, States and makers of bleach and Lysol were hastily putting out PSAs telling folks not to drink or inject disinfectants.  With the increase of first time users of many cleaning products, the calls already have been spiking to poison control and emergency services with improper use, mixing and exposure. It won’t be long til Attorney Ads will be running asking folks to call 800 have you been overexposed to ................  We will long be past this pandemic before someone comes up with a cure for stupid.   

The cure is coming Tuesday November 3, 2020

The best we can hope for is that the winner will be wise enough to sit down and listen to his advisors, both pro and con concerning an issue!

Granddad Ladd


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