Is anybody noticing the deductions by Encinco. In addition to some taxes they are now deducting for “production costs”. When asked she said all leases are being reviewed and after that, the deductions would be refunded if they weren’t to deduct them. Said it would take months before they are done. Mine amounted to almost 1/3 of gross. 

Wonder if this is their way of getting cash and then will pay back months later. I didn’t notice it until now as they didn’t get the online owner info working until now. Waiting for June’s report but sounds like they are going to keep up the deductions until they finish review of all leases.

Is there anything we can do

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The value of Natural Gas Liquids varies by Season which affects the price of Propane and by the price of gasoline. Here are some estimates from over the years

When gasoline was over $3 a gallon the Pentaine was coming out of the ground ready to use at the pump after being filtered at the Canton Marthon Plant.

How many cigarette lighter butane containers could a gallon of Butane fill? Those small containers are much more expensive than a few cents a can. Go to Walmart and look at Ronson 2.75 ounce cans for over $9 and all of the different forms & uses for butane & their prices.

Plumbers use small propane tanks for soldering copper and other uses, how much have You paid for these propane tanks?

What is the price per gallon of Natural Gas Liquids when sold to the final user which is where Your Royalties should be calculated.

Lets do an example calculation.

Assume percentage of each constituent part was as listed before the O&G companies had a reason to hide the Truth. Assume prices were from 2011 before the glut of Ethane taken free of charge from Ohio.

Update Propane price to today and pentane/natural gasoline as seen at the pump today.
Assume Methane is removed, liquefied and stolen for International Sales.

Price per 100 gallon of NGLs converts percent of each constituent part to gallons. Total the price and divide by 100 for Avg price per gallon.

NGL Fair Market Value as sold = 1.23 per gallon. Your Share = You Pay To Have Your NGLs Stolen

Constituant Parts:             Value in $
Ethane        38% X 0.28 = 12.04
Propane      28% X 2.00 = 56.00
Iso Butane    9% X 1.38 = 12.42
Butane          7% X 1.26 =   8.82
Pentane      13% X 2.60 = 33.80
Methane     Liquefied Removed & Stolen = Royalty Free

Total = $123.08 per 100 gal = $1.23 per 1 gal

To those who know how to move comments from this website to the Internet:

Please feel free to cut and paste any or all of my posts.They are based on fact, and I don't write anything that time can prove to be false.

Like a football player that points to the sky after making a Touch Down, I give the credit to God for what he has made known to me.

You could call me the Messenger, but I always stand behind all I write.

Conspiracy Facts:

Link to 12/21/17 Executive Order:

Link to Military Tribunals Updated Exec Order:

Q Coded Information Drops can be found at this website:
Each drop is numbered so you can go to Q Drop 2940 by putting that number in the search field to see the +82,000 Sealed Federal Indictments written by AG Jeff Sessions and the 470 DOJ Lawyers that were working for him.

Note: These Sealed Federal Indictments are now well over 110,000. Lawyers can see them on PACER by State & won't like what they see.
These Indictments are based on the 12/21/17 Executive Order signed by President Trump, to take down all Severe Human Rights violators and Corrupt individuals in the US and across the Globe.

Here is one section of the Executive Order: 

(B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(2) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption;

President Trump, would never have approved these Executive Orders if he didn't intend to use them. This will make his campaign promise to eliminate Corruption, another promise kept.

Today let's highlight Oil taken from Ohioans, the sources, where it goes and what is and is not reported to the State.

Oil at the well head flows into tanks at the Well Pad, it also remains in the liquid flow from the well pad to the Kensington and Scio processing plants.

When a well pad Oil tank (usually 3 to 6 tanks) has greater than 200 Barrels available for pick up, a tanker truck is called in for the pick up, this is True across Ohio. There should never be less than 200 barrels on Your Royalty Statements. 200 barrels is a normal sized tanker truck load but there is one 250 barrel tanker moving oil that can be seen on the Trip Ticket Tables that I have in the 2 months of production from Paige and Buck Wells as part of "Discovery" in the Hale vs Chesapeake Fraud/Arbitration. The NSA has the "Discovery" data since it arrived by email. Thousands of production documents that point to the Largest Fraud to Ever Hit US Landowners, free to use by the NSA since I have signed no Non-disclosure docments, EVER.

When Chesapeake became aware that Buck Well Landowners knew of the under reporting of the 200 barrels for each of the 3 tanker truck pick ups each month, they started adding in 300 plus barrel volumes which can't be moved by a Tanker Truck. This brought to my attention that Oil was flowing to and being separated out of the product pipeline flow stream at the Kensington and Scio plants.
This is important enough to say again: "Oil is flowing to the Kensington and Scio Plants" by pipeline is greater than 300 barrel volumes from each well. Those volumes are not being reported to the ODNR or Landowners. The the ODNR was made aware of this, and the NSA has the data since they have every email and phone call from each of us.

I was told that Tanker Trucks were picking up oil and heading to WV in addition to the Normal delivery to the Canton Marthon Plant. I suspect this Oil is unreported since the Trip Ticket Table is for the Oil being taken to the Canton Marathon Plant.
I was given the name of the company that was on the Tanker Trucks, so I called and found the Chemist who was analyzing each Tanker Truck load for quality of the oil. Someone with the reputation of Chesapeake could never be trusted to supply "un-doctored oil" to a buyer, but Our state can trust Chesapeake by using the Honor System of Reporting by Ohio producers. The Theft from Ohioans due to this fact alone, has been Biblical.

The Chemist told me the Oil was always of the same quality, which confirms that Tanker Truck loads #2 & #3 being reduced in value by Chesapeake each month at the Buck 1H & 6H Wells has been another Fraud against Ohioans. All 3 Tanker Truck loads each month should all be priced at the same value. But as We Know, Chesapeake sets the value since they claim that they sold/bought the products at the Well Head which is also a Fruad against Ohioans and Our Nations Landowners.

Chesapeake claims that certain wells have run dry of Oil, but the Trip Tickets tell the Truth. Well decline curves for these wells will show a un-natural drop in Oil volumes after 2 years of production. Anyone can take the under reported ODNR volumes XL Spreadsheet and turn them into Well Decline Curves. Just another Chesapeake fraud.

The ODNR typically accepts a Quarterly Report of Oil Volumes that is 20% more oil than was reported to Ohio Landowners on their fraudulent Royalty Statements. Enough said.

Anyone who wants to identify each theft that Chesapeake commits against US Landowners, the theft takes place at EVERY point, Well Head volumes and price, Well Pad Oil Tanks, Tanker Trucks not accounted for at the Well Pads, Pipelined products to the Processing Plants where volumes disappear, Processing Plant use is over charged against Landowners who no longer own the product if purchased at the well head, Products disappear from the Processing plants and never arrive at the Scio Plant from the Kensington Plant, Compression is charged, Affiliates are paid part of Our Royalties, Energy is stolen in the form of Methan/Naural Gas used then charged against us as if the energy wasn't stolen from us.

The above goes on and on. When someone is told they can keep what they steal, they become creative enough to steal it all and expect to be paid by the Landowners, as was done in the PA's Chesapeake Pipeline use fraud. Remember, Chesapeake bought Williams Partners Pipelines and kept the name so they could steal and blame it on Williams Partners. I have the evidence and have shared it with those who wanted to know.

If left to US Citizens to correct this Biblical Theft, I have no doubt we would hang all ceos, board of directors, owners, All executives and management teams in those companies who have stolen from us, all liewars & judges involved in this theft, and those who have stood by ignoring this Ohio RICO Fraud past & present, you know who you are.

Count Your blessing O&G "professionals" and "others", only those at the top will pay the ultimate price, the rest will serve time in a Cell at GITMO and other locations around Our Country. They will be known for their crimes and will never walk the streets without someone wanting a piece of their hide for the mental anguish caused and loss of faith in Our governments, Local, State and Federal caused by this Biblical Theft unleashed on All US CItizens.

Pray for Our President, Our Military, and the NSA who will take care of this issue using the Executive Order "Severe Human Rights Violations and Corruption" signed 12/21/17 by Our President, Donald John Trump.

Ron, You talk about GOD being able to bring down the thieves, cheaters and all of the bad scuzzys of our specie.

My question is, when will this all happen?   Are you really a messenger from God?  and if so how do you know that fact for sure?   Many of us could use a bit of positive encouragement right away. 

Just asking and learning what ever I can about life and living and of course about the gas and oil industry.

Granddad Ladd

Let's talk about Division Orders.

Division Orders were once a requirement when the state laws were being followed. In order for each Landowner to know how much they own in a Unit, a Division Order is necessary.

The formula to arrive at Your ownership decimal fraction or number, is Your Acres in a Unit divided by the Unit Acres, multiplied by Your Lease specified Royalty expressed as a decimal fraction (12% is equal to 0.12 for instance).

Ownership Number = Your Acres/Unit Acres x Royalty 0.12 This number should never change, but for Buck Well 1H and other wells it changes. Read On.

The Division Order should be sent by USPS Certified Mail. There is a Pre-division Order that I have received by regular mail since the Producer can't figure out how many of Your acres they want to defraud you of.

In the past Producers have attached additional pages and asked for Your signature. For that reason, I don't sign and return a Division Order. Do a check of the math or ask someone on to take a look as a 2nd check if You aren't comfortable with doing the math.

The Division Order scam as my Neighbors and I have seen, works this way. You always have 0.5 acres in the Unit per the Producer, so that reduces Your 40 acres of ownership by 1/80th of what You should have been paid. I know several Landowners in different counties with the magic 0.5 acres in a Unit. This was initially done to hold Landowners property by production so their Leases don't run out due to time which required an additional Signing Bonus for a secondary term. The well products probably didn't actually flow due to the 1,600 ft lateral from the Main Horizontal that it took to reach the property border.

After it became clear that the state laws no longer applied to Oil & Gas producers, the Division Orders failed to include the Landowners Acres in the Unit. There is no one that will respond to this issue. Your Ownership Numbers will typically be 0.000XXX due to Your actual acres being ignored for that 0.5 acre magic held by production number. If You could keep all of the money you cheated a landowner out of, why would you use the actual acres? You wouldn't.

At Buck Well 1H & 6H the Landowners have a "dancing" ownership numbers to ensure the Producer takes home more of the cash of each Landowner. Your ownership number can't change based on the formula above, and the Revenue Department and Hale Arbitration did not explain how a Division Order/Ownership Number could change, it just does. like most things I can't find an answer to, I classify these things as Fraud, and rightfully so.

If you have the ownership number 0.0007, the Producer will change it to 0.0006 when a large volume of product is sold, then change it to 0.0008 when a small volume is sold. They could claim that the 0.0006 and 0.0008 averages out to 0.0007 but they will ignore the fact that the small number was used to multiply the larger volume sale, and the larger number used to multiply the smaller sale.

I not only don't have a valid Division Order for acres that are being produced, I have 14 acres that have no lease but well products are being taken form those acres. That is a violation of State Law, but when do you stop ignoring the laws being violated once you start?

I see those 3 monkeys in a row, a statue on my Grandparents fireplace mantle: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. Some would have done well to understand and follow this example of how to conduct themselves, especially when they thought NO ONE WAS WATCHING.

I just got my letter from the Carroll County Auditor who is "required" by Ohio Revised Code Section 5713.01 to Re-value Our Property, It's a State Law.

What happened to Ohio Revised Code 2913.02 Theft By Deception or 2913.43 Securing writings by deception, or Ohio RICO Fraud? These are laws that rule over Ohio Citizens, they don't count for those above the law.

A felony Theft must be one million five hundred thousand dollars or more. Looks like the boys in Columbus have been changing laws to stay out of prison. No one at Our level of society would ever find that amount of money to steal ($1,500,000) . I saw that $100 of Tax fraud is significant when committed by We The People. Laws for us, laws for them.

I like to say the laws that apply to O&G companies are on Holiday, but that Holiday is about to be cancelled by the Coming Storm promised by Our President, Our Military, and the NSA.

Today 9/1/19 News Flash, Florida: The Storm Starts today in Florida. Watch for Politicians, Fake News and other violators of the Human Rights and Corruption Executive Order to lose their freedom.
SOURCE: Serial Brain 2   Link:

I figure the Carroll County Auditor agrees with the Columbiana County Auditors Quote On the 1st Page of Auditor's Website:
"GOVERNMENT IS A TRUST, AND THE OFFICERS OF THE GOVERNMENT ARE TRUSTEES; AND BOTH THE TRUST AND THE TRUSTEES ARE CREATED FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE." Henry Clay, speech at Lexington May 16, 1829. All of the pain coming could have been avoided if this quote had been taken to Heart.

When did You last benefit from Your County Government? It's more like Us vs Them. You have been taxed while being stolen from by Chesapeake and now Encino, and forgotten when You need protected, while the "Trust" has favored the O&G Producers.

It's time to take more from all County Citizens. The Auditor probably attended the dinner provided by Encino who used Our royalty money to pay for their get together. Some "elected & un-elected officials" will be watering at the mouth since this next increase should put more Landowner money in the hands of those who run the Real Estate Tax Fraud. The sad Truth is "They would have owned it all if God had not stepped in to correct this fraud against We The People".

The last time I looked Carroll County didn't have a Land Bank like over 54 Ohio Counties that have one today. This tells me that fewer of those in the Carroll County Courthouse will be found Corrupt. But the Sales Tax and Real Estate Tax money made by the County must be going somewhere since it is never enough to run the small government.

As I have said, President Trump made a deal with the Queen Of England to take us Out of the UK Royalties control on June 5th 2019. We are no longer under Maritime Law, we are under Common Law and the Constitution. Esquires (Those who serve the Queen below the position of Knight) are powerless. The County Esquires (lawyers) and judges have no power over us, and never have, We forgot to stand up and tell them so.

This means We The People will soon take back Our Federal, State and County Governments. Let's be sure to change the Real Estate Tax fraud being used to take Our homes. We didn't agree to this tax burden.

Those who this post is directed at will claim this note is inciting violence and that I must be stopped from telling the Truth. A Red Flag Law would have been so appropriate to lock me up by a fake judge then make me disappear.

We The People have no action to take, it will all be taken care of.

Please sit back and relax, there is no reason to worry over the coming tax increase, that tax will never come due.

Don't let Your stolen Royalties place Your mind in a place of fear, anger, or other negative thoughts. Everything is under control. You are safe and will not lose Your Land, this I promise to each of You.

Do get the popcorn ready. Stock up on Your favorite beverage, put Your feet up and get ready to watch the Greatest Story Ever Told, "The 2nd American Revolution" compliments of Our President Donald J. Trump, Our Military and the NSA.

Pray for these folks who will give We The People back Our Local, State and Federal Governments.

Take Action When You Fail To Receive Your Royalty Check(s)

Those in the Chesapeake Revenue Department knew who they could stop sending checks to without being notified by the Land Owner. The elderly of Ohio which is defined as over 65 were favorite targets.

I've mentioned the Elderly Ohioan in Jefferson County who was paid a $10 signing Bonus for leasing his 40 acres to a nice man from DPS Penn. I hope that nice man owns asbestos long johns which he will need when he goes to his "reward".
Someone must have notified Chesapeake that this Landowner wasn't spry, so they stopped sending him Royalty Checks early after his 0.5 acres started producing. He got a check for $25 after more than 2 years without a Royalty Check. He hasn't received a Royalty Check since then.

When I called Encino in Texas the first time, they were so "nice" that I tried to have Royalty payments started for this Jefferson County farmer on Well "____" Chesapeake Owner # _________ since he was elderly and hadn't been paid by Chesapeake. He had been abused by Chesapeake and their greed.
The soon to be unemployed office girl was nice but not that nice. They wanted the owner on a Conference Call as if I was talking to a Health Insurance Company on his behalf. They didn't want to know anything if the Landowner wasn't on conference call. They were happy to do nothing, which was a tip off that Encino was going to be as bad if not worse than Chesapeake.

It must have been 2015 when Chesapeake suffered a decrease in Oil Prices from $110/barrel to $60/barrel, because that Summer most of the Farmers in Carroll County stopped receiving Royalty Checks from Chesapeake. One Landowner paid an ex-esquire $2,000 to "Write A Letter" to Chesapeake which was probably a xeroxed form letter that many other Landowners also paid big Bucks to this ex-esquire to correct their loss of Royalty Payments. This ex-esquire will be needing a pair of those asbestos long johns also.

The Landowner was threatened by Chesapeake that they would stop sending his checks since he had a now ex-esquire. This Landowner paid to be abused by Chesapeake. He should have kept his money and took the abuse for free.

If any Ohio Elderly should have a problem, each County has a department to ensure the elderly are treated fairly, except if the perpetrator is an Oil & Gas Company. Find a lawyer was the response of the Jefferson County Department of Aging. I told him we had a lawyer, the Ohio Attorney General, but he wasn't taking complaints related to Oil & Gas companies per Patricia Payne, Mike's "office girl" with or without a lawyers license. I have her in writing telling me that "The Laws Of Ohio Do Not Apply To Oil and Gas Companies" she said with a laugh.

I've been signing my Royalty Checks with the following statement below my signature: Accepted As Partial Payment Only. I suspect that the next check will be zero or another 27 cent check, but I don't mind, these folks will soon be in a GITMO Cell and don't know it yet. There is no action they can take to change the Ohio RICO Fraud/Corruption they have committed during the first 3 months of their fraud which falls under the Executive Order "Severe Human Rights and Corruption" signed 12/21/17 by Our President Trump.

I'm sure the NSA knows that Encino has committed Ohio RICO Fraud, but "Ohio's laws don't Apply To Oil and Gas Companies" I can say now with a LAUGH.

I've been working on the first edition of the Encino News Letter GITMO Edition which should be out in time to welcome all Encino losers to GITMO. What a good will maker, to hear where their money went (Our US Treasury) and how we are spending what they thought was going to be their money.

Don't forget to buy Your Christmas Cards early since the prices will go up after Halloween.
Your O&G Producers past and present, Your ex-Esquires and their judges will need a little joy to lighten their burden while at GITMO. My bet is that their dreams of having a White Christmas will not become a reality this year, or next year, or the year after that, or......

I called a Landowner yesterday to see if his Encino Check had gotten any better this month and found that he was at his wits end over this theft. He has 70 acres under production with the Well Pad on his land and he estimates he is making $3 per acre.

He was inconsolable, and with all of the Good News that the 110,000 Sealed Federal Indictments were being unsealed at this time in Florida, Our State won't be too far off into the future.

He didn't think that the Oil & Gas industry would be cleaned up of as part of Our Presidents Campaign Promise. I quoted the Corruption Executive Order section on theft of "States Natural Resources" and the theft of assets from others that would take down the O&G Industry and those who have invited this Corruption into Our State.

I had to make some promises that I know will be kept by Our President, Our Military and the NSA to change his perspective on this Crime of Crimes.

I've seen what happens to the elderly when they discover that their fellow man has taken advantage of their trust in others and have robbed them of any chance of seeing a benefit from the land they have paid dearly to keep in the form of Real Estate Taxes.

Those we have paid much more than they deserve are fine with looking the other way while Our land and Our Natural Resources are being stolen by O&G companies and Tax Ease / Tax Ease Ohio, one of over 140 shell companies owned by mark shapiro of Texas, who wants Our Oil Rich land and is partnered with Our Counties and State.

Why would anyone partner with someone who needs more than a couple of companies in order to do business? Chesapeake probably has 10 to 15 companies and You know how corrupt they are.

Note:  Don't ever forget that Cardinal Gas Services and Williams Partners are Chesapeake hidden by their names. They can't be trusted, I have the evidence in a Right Of Way Contract I didn't sign for Cardinal.

Every Shale Play State is a Case Study in why the 2nd Amendment is so very important to US Citizens. "If God hadn't stepped in, they would have owned it all".

If Your theft is as bad as my friends, $3 per acres, Please know that there is a Plan to end this corruption The Plan is in progress.

Go back and read my posts where I have provided links to the Executive Orders that WILL BE USED TO END THIS CORRUPTION. I don't think I'm right, I know I'm right.

The above posts are why I recommend selling your mineral rights
After all what do you get in the end but screwed by some large company you won’t be able to beat in court
Or the cost will be so high it does not make sense
By selling the mineral rights you get your real royalty check one lump sum right now
No back and forthing with the Oil and Gas giants trying to figure out if you have been cheated or not
What kind of life is that ?
If you had invested 10,000.00 in diversified stock portfolio in 2009 your $10,000.00 would have returned $60,000 if you were in NASDAQ
$43,000.00 if you were in S P 500
$41000.00 if you were in the Dow
This is a $10,000.00 investment
Imagine a $100,000.00 investment and the possible returns
VS a couple decent royalty checks MAYBE or a ton of headaches from some producer who is trying to cheat you out of your money
I had sold a portion of my rights in 2012 for a decent price
Today even though we have multiple Gulfport wells in the area Not even an offer to lease 190 acres yet any offer to purchase
One thing I have personally learned about selling mineral rights
You sell when everybody tells you not too that’s when it’s time to sell
Because one day we will go back to normal with 20 to 30 yrs in between big new finds and technology breakthroughs if you want to wait that long
We invested our mineral money properly and live off our investment gains comfortably
Selling a portion of our minerals was the smartest thing we ever did. We wish we would’ve sold them all

Let's take a look at current and future Royalties of Landowners who's land is under production today.

Because no one that is honest knows the actual volumes of Well Products taken or the final sales prices that the Royalties will be based on, plus Our share of investment in derivatives if that should be allowed to continue, make the numbers below only a fraction of Your actual Royalties, when the Truth is known. Realizing the amounts will be lower than actual, I'll do some "very low estimates" of annual O&G income.


The Jefferson County Elderly Landowner has 40 acres, but only 0.5 acres are claimed to be under production. Without looking up the size of the Unit, I'll assign a typical sized Unit of 550 acres.

Since at one time Ohio, WV and PA had a rule that Landowners must recieve a minimum of a 12% royalty, I'll assign a 12% No Deduction Royalty. Notice that all of those Oil & Gas company leases signed used 12% as a minimum Royalty but then they applied the Biblical Theft to reduce the Royalties to nothing. I'm sure many are no longer being paid a Royalty today.

Assuming that each Well makes a minimum of $13,000,000 per Year, which is the figure from 2013 when an O&G Magazine stated that a Well Costs $13 Million to drill but is paid for in less than a year (remember that cost dropped to < $9 Million a few years later) we can calculate a typical expected minimum annual income of the Jefferson County Landowner.

Landowner Annual O&G Income = Well Annual Income x Landowner Acres in the Unit / Unit Acres x Royalty

Annual Income = $13,000,000 x 0.5 acres / 550 acres x 0.12

Annual Income = $13,000,000 x 0.000109 ownership number

Annual Income = $1,418


For each Unit under production, there will have to be a review to determine actual Landowner Acres under production, since too many Landowners today have less than an acre under production. This can't be, since in some areas all acres are under production.

Let's update this Landowner to 40 acres under production since eventually all acres will be drained by wells.

Landowner Ownership Number = 40 acres / 550 acres x 0.12 = 0.00872

Landowner Minimum estimated Annual Income = $13,000,000 x 0.00872 = $113,454

Todays governments would argue that We can't allow average US Citizens to have this kind of money, they wouldn't know how to spend it. When was the last time You felt that Your Tax dollars were spent wisely by any government. It doesn't happen.

Actually the governments of today would be sued into submission by We The People if We were allowed to be paid fairly.

In the World that is soon to come that is Free Of All Corruption, per The Plan, We The People must be allowed to be paid exactly what is due. No one has the right to limit a US Citizens income when they sell their belongings, including minerals. If O&G companies have this priviledge then every US Citizen would have to be limited, such as for the sale of a vehicle, a farm, or a house, otherwise this would be a form of Corruption..

The money we make will be taxed differently than if we recieved the money today, but no matter how we are taxed, Tax Coffers will be overflowing at every level of government, County, State and Federal. There will be no illegal Real Estate Taxes, and without todays corruption the Tax money will go much further.

Spend some time thinking about Your "Fortune to Come", How will You use it to improve Our lives? Nations are judged on how they treat their domesticated animals, so don't forget to consider funding the No Kill animal shelters in case they don't get unlimited funding from overflowing tax coffers.

Be sure to keep an eye on how are you going to avoid the evil of the Love Of Money and the Greed that can destroy individuals and a Nation. Those who have won the lottery in the past can provide examples of how not to spend Your Fortune.

Pray for Our President, Our Military and the NSA who will end Corruption and worse in Our Nation.

All information presented below is accurate and correct. It is Conspiracy Fact that all will eventually know. Oil & Gas is only a part of what I have learned & know to be True.

SerialBrain2: Trump's Big Victories at the G7 – Part 1: The Battlefield and the Weapons.

Can't even begin to explain how ignorant this thought process is..  

1) Wells decline, therefore regardless of commodity price, annual income will never be flat.

2) In 2013, wells were being drilled between 5-7500 ft. So that inherently says well costs were closer to 1500-2000 per ft vs being around $1000/ft or lower now.

3) In 2013, gas prices were $3.50-4.00 plus so wells paid out a little sooner. Today we are less than $2.50 NYMEX which means local gas prices are closer to $2.00. All things equal, this means wells take twice as long to payout as they did before (oversimplication). 

4) REVENUE BECOMES LESS AND LESS THROUGH TIME! ITS SIMPLE DEPRECIATION OF AN ASSET. Wells don't gain value through time, they lose value. 

Used to really enjoy coming on this website and having meaningful discussions/listening to landowners of the region. 


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