Right now there can't be any laterals going under interstate highways in Ohio. I've heard some rumors that they are trying to change that. Does anyone know anything about any efforts to do that? 

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Beats me why it hasn't been done. I know Eclipse tried to forcepool a unit going under I-70 off the Fineran pad near Old Washington,but don't think that went too well. I'm sure other drillers have tried also. The State of Ohio has lost the income from that and doesn't seem to care. Same story on their 21,000 acres of oil&gas under Salt Fork state park. The state now has a newly formed oil&gas commission that is suppose to be looking into it, but they only meet about once every 6 months and don't seem to ever get anything accomplished. So far, their meetings have been limited to "meet&greet" type of get togethers. Eventually they will get it figured out. the oil&gas is going anywhere.

If government entities, for example Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Ohio or Pennsylvania were ever to embrace hydrocarbon development under their lands, the economic windfall could be astronomical.

Dedicating royalty revenues for items such as education, housing, services could usher in an era of unprecedented prosperity.

Following the example of Pittsburgh's airport authority, the 1 billion dollar infrastructure upgrade could be repeated all throughout your region.

It is beyond tragic that your government decision makers are so obstructionist in these matters.

They think they may offend the tree huggers? I don't get it. politics

North Central PA (at least Tioga Co.) has leased their State Forest lands....did so quite a while back and currently have producing wells paying them royalty. I also (from memory here) recall a lease bonus north of $4K per acre with 20% royalties.

Not sure if I agree?  Around Ohio State parks and interstates, there are lots of wells and drilling going on,but most pads are being built miles away from  the parks and interstates because they cant drill under them. therefore a lot of landowners that are surrounding them are not getting drilled either. The thing that some don't understand is the fact that the parks/roads can be drilled under,about 7000ft. below the surface,and the oil&gas can be extracted from pads on the lands outside the park without those parks/roads ever seeing a rig,or truck,or any kind of disturbance to the surface.even if noise would be the issue, the pad can be 1or 2 miles away and still reach their target.  Why it hasn't happened yet may not be environmental or political, it may have something to do with fact that the parks and interstates were built using eminate domain.those lands were taken from people and back then,they may not have addressed the oil&gas ownership. the true owners of those mineral rights may be in question now. Most of those landowners may be now past away,moved,or their familys/heirs will be declaring ownership. the potential for thousands of lawsuits may be the kicker here. Until some judge/s determine just who is entitled to those rights , the drilling will have to wait. Who knows, maybe that's been declared already. If anyone knows,speak up.

47375709_10215780466336911_3793870463688507392_n.jpgthere's a lot of private lands in Guernsey,Noble/Belmont counties,ohio that will not ever get drilled until the State allows drilling under the Interstates and Salt Fork State Park. So it's making those parcels worth less. Once the State decides to lease,the value of those lands/leases  will go up.Right now, those people are not getting much for their leases,or re-leases because they may not get drilled. So, your theory on the private lands value  doesn't hold water. 

Much has been said about contaminating the finger lakes area. These lakes are a national treasure. I was born I Geneva, New York at the north end of Seneca Lake. I recall how the state park was closed due to some sort of contamination.  I was too small to understand exactly what was going on. But I do know that until swimming was banned in that park area. my parents and us kids spent many hours on very hot summer afternoons enjoyment there. 

So I can very well understand the residents of finger lakes area reluctant to allow drilling or storage of gas in that area

Granddad Ladd

Nothing has been done as far as drilling,or storage or pipelines anywhere on the Seneca Lake region. All oil&gas activity has been done outside those lands. They did drill under the lake. about 7000 miles below!.The Muskingum Watershed District has benefitted greatly financially. they are in the process of doing millions of $ worth of improvements in their beaches/campgrounds/public facilities/etc. Everyone who uses the lake will be benefitting also. I don't see any losers in any way. Only losers would have been all the people who may have tried to stop it and somehow succeeded. Same will be true with Salt Fork,"fingerlakes".

To continue above posting:

Salt mines have been established under much of the fingerlakes area. A few years back as I recall, one of the salt mines collapsed under some river or body of water  in the area. That particular mine was flooded. hundreds of millions of gallons of water drained into that mine before it could be plugged.  Most likely the residents of that area were afraid that other mines that were to be used for storage of gas might also burst or collapse under the lakes. Contamination like to occur.  Finger lakes area would not be the great vacation area choice that it is today.

Granddad Ladd 

Yes....land taken/bought by eminate domain should be surface rights only....

The State should come right out and say it......buy they are too greedy.....get a cut via taxes isnt enough for them

They ;Ohio; would get more in Guernsey /Belmont Co.s

Pretty sure the 'pollution' found in the Fingers Lakes has very little to do with natural gas development. Rather, the explosion of the wine industry (and beer and spirits) there and the increase in vineyard fertilizers and pesticides entering the lakes has more impact on the water quality than any other factor.

In NYS....Gas=Bad while Wine (booze)=Good....priorities....haha


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