WOW i WAS SHOCKED on what EQT paid for Oct .70 cents per unit of gas anyone else care to say what they got How can they make money at this price?

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Also received 70 cents for Springhill Twp pad. Wish I knew how EQT arrived at that low price.

Mike  What pad are u in  if you don't mind me asking I am Dragon Chan 6 and 8 Last month was 1.07 per unit  

Two pads: WM Lane and Piston Honda both paying 70 cents. 

our gas bill should reflect this low price  yea right  

0.69 on some and 0.70 on others :(

On another thread some people posted that they had received $1.68 up to $1.86 for theirs.  They were in the WV northern panhandle.  Operated by SWN, Eclipse, and Triad.  $.70 seems awfully low.

yea .70 cents is almost to the point of why even sell it this cheap.  I am in pa on the boarder of Weitzel Co. EQT has my lease Not very happy with is The month before is was 1.07 per unit   

.68 cents in Belmont County Ohio. Last month 1.05, month before 1.24.

Decreasing as we head into the winter months, what a joke. Gulfport paid 1.68 same wells for Dec and Nov.


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