Elizabeth Township nixes zoning variance for gas-fired power plant

This location is near Buena Vista, PA, which is about 5 miles southeast of McKeesport, along the Youghiogheny River, and the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail.

"Elizabeth Township zoning officials on Tuesday said they would not allow a Chicago-based energy company to move forward with its proposal to build a natural gas-fired power plant on a patch of land zoned for residences.

The decision is a sharp rebuff to Invenergy, which first outlined its idea for a power plant to township commissioners last fall and then, in January, to township residents.

The proposal quickly became embroiled in a zoning debate this spring as the company sought a variance for the proposed site, which is part of a former industrial landfill contaminated by a misplacement of coal ash and demolition waste in the 1980s. Its history of pollution and its proximity to gas pipelines and transmission lines made the site ideal for Invenergy, company officials have said.

But it triggered emotional opposition from some residents who want the 600-acre property along the Youghiogheny River — of which the plant would take up 21 acres — to remain residential or undeveloped. The group Protect Elizabeth Township formed in January to help residents draft comments against the proposal. ..."


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CO2 remains in the atmosphere because it is a natural part of the atmosphere. Without it life on earth would not exist.

CO2 is not a green house gas.

Just because "scientists" are have a debate does not necessarily mean it is a scientific debate.

Hey, they feel two steps backwards is better than one step forward. What's not to like about that?

Let 'em build housing on the landfill and then get back to us in 10 years.

Or, maybe they should have a windmill manufacturer build a plant on the site so they can listen to it while they try to sleep. At least they would "feel" good!


I'm reading this thread and wondering if you are truly serious about methane.

If you were then you would not be focused on the oil and gas industry.

The major source of methane emissions in the U.S. is agriculture. Why haven't you attacked the agriculture industry?

World wide the major source of methane emissions is mother nature, naturally occurring leaks from the planet itself (the environment.

The issue of methane emissions is a straw dog meant to cause fear in an ill informed public.

Methane emissions and other so called "green house gasses" are not the source for any rise in global temperatures.

The actual source is an increase in solar activity.

Should we ban the sun Paul?


As a part of your continued misinformation campaign, I know you would hope that readers here would get the wrong message. That message being that the residents of the town oppose the plant for environmental reasons.

In reality it is a zoning issue, not any anti oil and gas issue. This really has no place on this site.

This is just another straw dog set out by you in your never ending mis-information campaign.

Just a quick correction,  only 3% of the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere every year is anthropogenic.  The rest is naturally emitted.

It appears you've been reading too much global warming denial literature, Greg.

Using similar logic, one could say "but the ocean is 30,000 feet deep; what's the big deal if sea level rises a few feet?"

In case you haven't heard, atmospheric CO2 is at its highest level in 15 to 20 million years. The dramatically rising anthropogenic portion has thrown the climate out of balance.

Read this:



Please provide us with a copy of the record of atmospheric CO2 from 15-20 million years ago. BTW, who had the technology back then and took those measurements? Who had the foresight 15-20 million years and made sure they would be preserved for our viewing?

It isn't illegal to be stupid, as represented by those participating members of Protect Elizabeth Township.

So if the scientists debating this achieve, let's say 97% consensus, that for power generation it's better to burn coal than gas, then we should start converting back to coal????

Never defer to those without any skin in the game. Smart folks have the courage of conviction...


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