Environmental obstructionists finally get rolled as Keystone XL to be allowed Senate vote

After having been approved several times in the House of Representatives over many years, the Keystone XL pipeline is finally likely next week to be brought up for a vote in the United States Senate.

As has been the case with some 300 House-passed legislative initiatives over six years, the Keystone XL was never permitted a Senate vote prior.  This is because environmental extremists control the Obama Administration, with their anti-American tentacles extending into the existing, but soon to be former, Senate leadership.

Obama is not through yet harming America; just wait until next week if you doubt me.  But it's reassuring to watch as his relentless attack on us begins to falter and disintegrate.

Obama is not going to like this!!

Let's hope this is only the beginning of efforts to stop Obama and his fanatical groupies!!

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the ONLY reason this is being brought up for a vote on the Senate floor is because (D)Landrieu is trying to get reelected in Louisiana, an energy state. AAMOF her opponent, a republican, has an identical bill in the house that is suddenly coming up for a vote on THURSDAY to compete. After 6 years this is nothing but pure politics my friends, not for the good of the country

Accurate M.A.B,  Democrats hope it will get them points for Landrieu and 2016.  At least it might get us off dead center.

Why do we the natural gas owners want a pipeline that will help our competition. That pipeline will only help oil producers in the west and in Canada. There is no reason for us to support it! Let me remind you that we are in the natural gas business. We want to sell our natural gas and oil here in PA, OH and WV.

one reason is that 40000 jobs will be created for Americans. Even though im blessed with property and mineral rights, some in my family are not. Plus a lot of them are not privy to have natural gas. My father has to burn fuel oil and any oil produced that brings OPEC to their knees is fine by me.

The number of permanent jobs which will be created by the XL is slightly less than 40,000.  Upon completion there will be about 50 permanent jobs.

Everyone needs to educate themselves on the extraction of bitumen from the tar sands. Massive amounts of heat must be forced into the tar to make it fluid to extract. Then it must be thinned with the now called "waste" condensates that are being stolen from the Utica to make it flow thru the pipeline.

I am not a scientist, but there is no way in Haities that generating that much steam, shipping that much condensate north then transporting bitumen that far south and then refining it makes sense at $75 to $100 crude prices.

The stolen "waste" condensates are almost ready to use with little refining and energy. It is asinine to send it to Canada to thin tar to the viscosity of crude when we should be building refineries that can handle the light clear liquids that we are blessed with here.

Dig a little deeper and look to see who owns the minerals in the tar sands and how much precious and industrial metals are in the tar sands. How many jobs would be created with a few new refineries and how harder would it be to make royalty owners pay to have their condensates stolen if they were sent straight to a refinery.

I am unaware of any Utica light liquids going north. I suppose anything is possible but the Bakken supplies these to the Canadians because there basically is a totally glutted market for propane, butane, pentane, etc. "Liquids".  The market price of same is a fraction that of "oil"...

My understanding is that Gulfport  plans to or is shipping condensate to the tar sands by rail.

"Then it must be thinned with the now called "waste" condensates that are being stolen from the Utica to make it flow thru the pipeline."

Who exactly is stealing condensate?

Ron can probably answer your question best. Been about a year ago, not sure if in Grizzly's or Gulfport's investor notes, they said they were shipping Utica condensate to Alberta to thin the bitumen for transport. Posted at that time " How are folks that own these Utica O&G rights getting paid royalties on their Utica condensates?" It appears they are not.

So your argument is that all of the oil/condensate produced in the Utica--which is reported to the state--is simply being extracted for free?  That seems pretty unlikely.

The oil is separated from the condensate, and you are paid on the oil.


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