Where is this dispute heading?   What is the impact to current operations?   Will it affect their ability to attract investors?   How will it affect their competitiveness in the Appalachian Basin in the short term or long term?  

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Rice got 80% of votes

yes I got mine 6-19 - 19 not much 30% taken for deductions Its been around 30 % for ever Rice about the same

The Rice brothers are back in control. EQT had very poor results last year. Landowners leased by Rice should be happy.

This one is. Hoping for good things to come with Rice back at the helm but at the very least, less of a slide backwards and a LOT more transparency. EQT under the former mgt was run like it was the CIA or something. No one could know anything, even from dept to dept or employee to employee. If a land owner asked a question, you got a polite brick wall, which, after talking to some of the employees, I'm guessing was more because they didn't know, either. Can't run a company like that and the results show in EQT's performance data. They can give all the excuses they want, or put out all of the misleading reports in the world but the bottom line was the same. Shares were nose-diving, gas was being sold below market avgs, and production was down. That's without even mentioning the huge gaffs such as losing the Rice leases, the lawsuits, and the lack of capitalizing on current leases and units held. Apparently everyone else saw it, as well.

Lori you hit the nail on the head  with your remarks  

Thanks, Jeff. Let's just hope we see a turnaround over the next few months. Not naive enough to expect instant results but odds are in favor of it not getting any worse, at least, and we should start to see some improvement sooner rather than later.

yes I never understood why EQT didn't do any thing with the buy out on sites that had all the pads and roads in place and yes I understand that the O&G CO. HAVE TO DRILL AT A RESPONSIBLE pace to keep prices high enough to make money but with all the things in place I think its a no brainer not to jump on these sites ready to go.I hear that the Franklin Deny pad the leases ran out what a waste of cash now they have to re-up with the landowners and no I am not in that unit. Its good for the people in that unit as they get a signing bonus again but when ??    

Did EQT continue to develop the all the Ohio Smith Goshen Landowner Group acres that Rice had or did they drop the ball there too?  Years back this was considered the most successful Landowner group in the country. 


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