I am waiting for the initial offer being mailed to me regarding the ET Rover pipeline that is running through Ohio. It was made very clear to me that they are going to run two (2) 42" pipes.Their opening bid for this permanent easement is based on surface acres and some crop damage that amounts to about 10k per acre or something like $20 total per foot for both 42" pipes. That would only cover about 30 years of taxes.

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It's been two pipelines from pretty early on. At one point there was talk of a third one. New maps and information were just released yesterday if you subscribe to FERC. 

It seems odd that you and I are among the few that know this about 2 pipelines. My neighbors and their lawyers did not know this. And I can't seem to find anything written by any reporters regarding 2 pipes. Since you seem so well informed, do you have the link to the brand new FERC info?



Search docket PF14-14

You can also register to receive this information via email. The website isn't very user friendly so it can take some time to find your area. 

I just got 100/ft for one 18" pipe.   i am also a tree farmer very near you, i would like to send you a friend request.

you should mention that $80 of that was for crop/timber damage

Are the two pipes throughout all of the project area or in just some locations, for example after leaving the Clarington hub in Monroe County and then northward toward northwest Ohio and Canada?

IMHO landowners need paid for each pipe that crosses their property.

Here is the simple map.

The big one is too large to post here.

Notice if  when they add another 42" we have a loop around NY and access to New England states.


Could you post a link to the larger map?



Thanks Tim for posting the map;  appears that the two 42 inch pipes are from Harrison Co to Henry County.

Glad it's missing Beaver township, Noble county! But I'm sure we will get some traffic from it. There is to many trucks there now! for not having ant wells in my area county line. Jacks Run rd. and Eldon 

At the recent meeting in Cadiz, late last year, they made it clear that there are going to be two 42" lines from Cadiz to Western Ohio.

Try to get a yearly or monthly rental payment.  It's something that's been discussed in other pipeline threads, but hasn't seemed to have gotten much traction.  Talk to your neighbors.  Go to meetings in the county and adjoining counties.  It makes way more sense to have a regular rental payment for pipelines than to have just a one time bonus.

The real trouble is going to be that they'll get eminent domain.  So if you can't get them to agree with you, they'll just condemn the property they want and do it anyways.


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