Just wondering if what I hear could happen. Anyone know about I-70 acreage being force-pooled?

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From what I have read, eminent domain in Ohio is supposed to apply only to surface rights, but unless the land owner whose land was taken knew that and pushed to keep the mineral rights, they were taken also. There is another post on this forum discussing land taken under eminent domain for the Muskingum Watershed in the 1940's where that entity got the mineral rights and a couple years ago signed a lease and is not getting royalties - the poster said the mineral rights went with the land there since the landowners didn't know they could keep it.

I just learned from a local attorney that some of the landowners on whose land the interstates sit, granted an easement for the road, not the surrender of ownership. If the highway would ever be moved, the land reverts back to their use. I guess the folks in that situation know who they are and still own the mineral rights. Good for them.


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