"Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal talked to Eliza Griswold about her new book "Amity and Prosperity," which delves into how the fracking company changed people's lives in one rural Pennsylvania community. ...

Eliza Griswold: So Commins the puppy belonged to Beth and John Voyles. And Beth Voyles, she thinks Cummins drank from a puddle of water that was contaminated by industrial waste. And that's what made him sick, and eventually Cummins died. ...

Ryssdal: I want to point out here that this is a story, in part, anyway, of the terrible things that happened to Stacey Haney's family — contaminated water is the least of them. The child gets horribly sick, the livestock — I mean, terrible, terrible things happen after she signs with Range Resources, the fracking company."

Audio story and transcript: https://www.marketplace.org/2018/06/12/economy/how-has-energy-boom-...

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um.....guess everyone wants to ignore this part of the story

I know all about hydraulic fracking, thank you very much.  I never claimed it as part of any problem. Did I mis-use the word fracking like so many do?  I did not.  I am a Range leaseholder, and I spent a year making myself so knowledgable about this issue that when we negotiated our deal, the VP of land for Range offered me a job.  We put two kids through two of the most expensive colleges in the country on our up front money.  What I am pointing out is that some people have been hurt by early mistakes, and I know these people.  I read these comments and they are disparaging these people, who were on the first line of drilling and had their lives ruined.  I repeat what I said in one comment.  If you had a safe experience, you should get down on your knees and thank StacyHaney, because Range changed many of its policies and procedures to make it safer for people who live nearby.  And if you don't live downhill from a well, you would probably never have experienced what her family did.  People who know nothing about this situation are slinging crap at them.  Read the book then comment.  It's by a journalist who present both sides of the issue, but she is a storyteller and the Haney family story is chilling. 

Fabreeze, if someone sprayed that crap in my house I would be deathly ill too. You seem to be a smart fellow in at least some ways. Look at the ingredients in Fabreeze and air fresheners. Usually nerve agents. They don’t get rid of orders, they kill your sense of smell. What makes you think that the air freshener chemicals stop at your nose. Arsenic in the well water is usually from an older treated lumber deck that wasn’t sealed or left up many years to leach into the ground. Arsenic has since been left out of treated lumber. That’s why it doesn’t last as long. Many homes in this region are in valleys and get black mold, bugs and people spray chemicals and bug bombs in and under the living space. All this must be considered before pointing fingers. Your Agenda only looks at a narrow subset of facts to suggest the outcome. You should be ashamed but you probably believe you are helping. You are very misguided at best.


He never replies to reasonable questions.

He will never offer a reasonable solution to the energy needs of our country.

He is a typical fractivist, he has his and doesn't care if his agenda hurts the

rest of the country. Very selfish, as I said, typical fractivist.

Are you asking me?
Not sure why you are asking me but I'm for all most all energy production except Lignite being so dirty and Hyrdo being the deadliest per Tera watt. So what is your plan?
No Sir, The site is not replying under the correct posts.
FACT: Over the past six years the allegations raised by the author, the plaintiffs and their lawyers have been refuted by regulatory agencies and the courts.


Thank you for setting the record straight.

I believe there was a settlement, it was a nuisance settlement.

In other words the company settled so it could move on.

I do not believe it admitted responsibility to any of the claims.

I lived in Millwood township, Guernsey county Ohio, which is heavily developed by the oil and gas industry. The drilling and production have not been without some problems but I am not aware of any which are comparable to what the tree huggers cry about.

There are going to be problems, especially early on, but there will also be solutions. 

What we see out of people like the author who started this discussion and the author of the book he references is that they take a very isolated incident that is bad enough on its own and they blow it up exponentially to support their particular ideological desires.

They wish the country to be fueled by alternative, renewable energies. So do I, only I understand the realities of that desire where they do not. I understand that you work to expand those limitations to the benefit of your desire while they work to create a fantasy Utopia that skips the hard parts and goes directly where they wish to land.

At best they are foolish and a bit childish, if not well meaning. At worst they are dishonest and guilty of misdirection. What some of them, the most well funded of them, will not tell you is that they are in desire of a certain political agenda that is dominated by the desire of acquiring power over mens lives through environmental regulation.

After all, who wants to destroy the planet and who wouldn't want to save people from diseases brought to you courtesy of the developers of undesirable energy forms ?

The worst thing to happen to us was the traffic was so bad we left for a more quiet home front. The dust was a lessor consideration. Our well water was tested before drilling for a base line of quality and quantity. Certain others are closer to a gathering facility and complain justifiably of the unacceptable noise level.

Energy production is a messy business and there will be problems, but the country needs the most useful energy sources that are the most economical.

What is hardest for me to understand is people who come to this site and cry wolf to a choir that is deaf to them. What a waste of time.


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