In about 18 months or so I am going to have a well on my farm. The company doing this project is both very professional and good to work with. They would like to put a fresh water pond near the well head location and will bring in water from an outside source, a few thousand feet of temporary water piping would als have to be included. With this said, what can a landowner expect in way of compensation for such. Adding this project is above and beyond the original lease. Again, they are very good to work with. Thanks

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Who is the company?

I think what is most important here regardless of the company is what one may or should expect. I assure you they are top notch, there are others too, but also know there are some not so good. If you need the company I can talk to you personally.

Start with what they are offering per acre (pond and pipeline) and then consider other uses of the land (crops, pasture rental, etc) to get a fair value.  Having the pond and pipeline may mean less truck traffic to the site (which would not get you any more cash - it would just tear up the road and be more noise).  Be sure to have everything spelling out in writing - will the pond be lined, how long will it be there, will site be restored to original condition, payment for any timber loss, additional taxes/fees caused by the pond, will it be fenced, they have to prove liability insurance and protect you from responsibility of the pond.  Maybe even consider have some soil recording done - proving you have 12" of topsoil now, and that you have 12" when they restore - filling the hole and spreading a little of the original topsoil is not the same as restoring to original condition.  Make your list of "priorities/demands" and talk to them.  Remember the pond can be located somewhere else and water piped in to the site, so you don't have them over a barrel.


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