Gas well explosion in Southwestern PA this morning - Greene county

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Amen to that !!  Including the crews who will work at bringing the blowout under control....

One guy still missing 14 hrs later.  Doesn't sound good for him.  This is why they don't hire a lot of local inexperienced workers. They hire a few locals and add more as more and more get experienced. It is dangerous work, only for the skilled.

This was a producing well, not one being drilled or fracked. From the pics, the gas is flowing out of the side of the Christmas tree. Maybe a pipe broke. Cold? Pressure? Accidental strike?  There are also two other wells on the same pad that don't appear to be damaged. Hope they stay safe.

The amount of gas blowing out of that well is unreal. Even though this is tragic it is still better than the oil well blowout in the gulf. In this case the gas is harmlessly burning up. Very much better for the environment. Very sad for the loss of life. Two working men trying to make a living paid the ultimate price. It will be interesting to see how they put this out and how soon they accomplish the task. I hope it is soon for the sake of the industry.  

Really hoping all turns out well, but not optimistic.


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