Franklin PA .... 2.69/gal

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Cincinnati    3.00/ Gal and going up

really!? wonder what the reasoning behind that is

thank you James!

Yes that is the easy way Bob. That's what I use at home and smart phone. This thread is a waste of time.

2.78 gal Parkersburg WV
about 2.49 here (cleveland).

big jump up from 2.19 earlier today.

read a refinery is off line and available supply is down on that account.

so raise the price - what's new about that ? nothing. never mind s.a. flooding the market with hargain basement crude.

go figure and be ready for surprises.

$2.59 Tioga Cty. PA

2.69 Hundred W. V.

.just the other day read about how there was an over stock of refined gasoline because one refinery has a partial breakdown the price of gas jumps up in half of he united states and we read everyday about the world oil glut looks like big oil taking advantage of the american public again

Results of a captive market and developer / e & p slanted legislation.


hi mike. do you live in hundred? part of my family was from there. gas in Louisville oh is $2.89


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