I just learned that I will be in another unit. I now have 38 acres in unit that covers entire west side of property; 42 acres in a unit that covers nearly all of north side, and now this one will have 62 acres covering all south side and about 30%of east side, Looking at lay out I might get another unit to cover more of east but I have at least 70 acres in middle of property that are now "unit locked". I see no way this section can ever be included in any unit.

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sell half or all of the 70 that is locked up!

There may be another formation drilled in the future with different unit configurations.

I'm not sure where you are located but longer laterals will surely be in the future. The 2 units we're in have 7 laterals varying from 4,200' to 10,000'+ They will reach the "70" eventually. One quote I remember from a Q & A session at a gas forum early on, when asked by a landowner where all they are going to drill. He simply said, "we're going to get it all!"

Ahhh, you poor thing.  What was your thoughts on the situation say, 5 years ago?


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