With the new Plant in Wyalusing looking like a go, things should start getting interesting I think. They are going to need to pull a lot of Gas to feed that monster! 

I received a call from a Mineral Rights buyer last week offering me $200k for my rights on my small parcel so I can only assume that things are going to happen soon! I told them I am not interested as I can only guess what they are forecasting as value if they are offering that kind of money. 

Hold tight and keep your fingers crossed if you are not making any $$$ now as better days appear to be coming.

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Hi Ken, How many acres in your small parcel?

29 acres

Hi, I hadn't heard about this yet, can you give me the details? (Tioga County, but interested!)

Deb, just google it or look in the posts here for Wayne Miller's post on the plant for Wyalusing.

You should be getting ~7000 per acre to lease your mineral rights for 5 years which comes out to ~203k. Selling your mineral rights should be much more per acre because the amount you'll get when/if your property goes into production is 20k - 40k per acre.

Leases are not bringing that kind of money anymore in my area. Initial leases were $6k and then went down significantly after that. $7k per acre leases in our area are gone and they are drilling now so leases for us won't be negotiated.

That is a nice offer!  Are these the acres that will be included in the Cooley D well?

Yes they are


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