Has any decision been made concerning Dominion's relutance of their storage areas being penetrated by the drilling of oil and gas companies

Until just recently I have been unable to access this site due to several personal issues. However now I am back and want to catch up with new developments.

I received a letter in the mail concerning  the leasing of my 70 acres. They are aware of the problem with Dominion's  refusing to allow drilling through their storage area. Last I knew there was a law suit trying to force Dominion to loosen up their restrictions for drilling in these storage areas.  Dominion wanted to extent the boundaries of their storage areas several hundred yards.

Bill Ladd

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I've heard of situations like this in WVA storage fields where the operators are disallowing the deep hydrocarbons from production but not many specifics. Are there any newspaper articles you can post pertaining to your situation in your area?  

From your reply CC, we are talking about the same storage area. I managed to find the north west edge of the area claimed by Dominion as their storage area. That edge is literally  only a stone's throw from my property line. Unfortunately I am in their storage area. 


Yes to the gas leasing question. In fact my acreage is part of the acreage leased by my father to dominion for storage many years ago. When my parents both died there was a problem with the division of 120 acres.  I was the only sibling that was aware of the lease. It was only for $2 per acre and I wanted my share of that lease payment. After much discussion with my brother who wanted nothing to do with claiming his share, (only about $80.00), and talking myself blue in the face to him that he was entitled to it, did I finally managed to receive my share of that lease money.




Actually I am in westfield township just north east of the sabinsville pumping station.. There have been two or more companies that have been looking to lease. One was from near Greensburg Pennsylvania.  Before he came I knew little about the marcellus shale deposit. He spent several hours with us explaining about that marcellus deposit. I think it was about 4 years ago. Since then there has been at least three landmen at my home and in the area.


The last letter I received,(a few days ago) was from the twin tiers coalition group wanting to represent landowners in my immediate area. I think it was a couple of years ago that twin tiers  group advertised for bids. No bids were forthcoming at all.


I believe that there was several postings in this site about the twin tiers attempt to secure bids and their lack of any  takers.


And then about 15 or so months ago a young man came to our door wanting permission for seismic testing. The closest  siesmic testing that I am aware of to my area was south of the little marsh area. We saw their helicopters dropping equipment every few thousand yards.  This was last summer. I have heard nothing more about that testing since last summer.




I have seen no activity except for a landslide on the pipeline where it crosses 349 south of Sabinsville. I happen to know one of the workers who maintain this pipeline.

With all of the activity near Wellsboro junction and those huge tanks and railroad cars bringing in sand. There has to be a huge investment and permanent plans to greatly expand this gas exploration and exploitation in the surrounding area!


the collection of seismic data takes a while to collect (time in the field) and processing time (computer time) once the raw data is in hand (the better part of a year often).


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