There is a lot of negativity surrounding Chesapeake's Royalty Payments and I was Curious as to whether anyone has had a good experience with them.

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sorry folks. my boss has 17 wells on his farms in carol county and I do not hear him bitching. that is why there are lawyers to look over leases. this is probably the best thing that happened to south eastern ohio. go chk.

Wow that's great. He must have about 2500 acres. Thanks for responding...


Does that mean hes not getting ripped off?


    You have a way with words and are very positive sounding which is great even with a topic as controversial as CHK.

The best lease on earth will do nothing if in the hands of CHK, they say good we have them leased, then stick the lease in a file drawer and do what they want knowing they are committing theft (taking whats not theirs in other words) even though they have never been convicted, YET!

We have not had any problems with Chesapeake!  We are in a drilling unit, it has one well drilled, we received our bonus in a timely manner, and are receiving royalty checks also in a timely manner.  The product sold matches that reported to ODNR.  

Great.... I knew there had to be some positives...

Is ohio law mandate reporting  volume numbers ?

We just started receiving royalties in April of this year. Granted, sale prices aren't that great, which is due to the market, of course, but we've never had any deductions taken from any of our checks. We have had a great rapport with all the CHK field reps and our rep with the Land Dept. in Oklahoma City. They've been really cooperative and bent over backwards to make sure our pad is being sited where we wanted it.

Dose you lease have no enhancment  fees ect, ect

Magnetron, make sure you are getting at least 18 percent GROSS royalties.

Cynthia, my lawers are have a devil of a time getting CHK to move off its boilerplate royalty language.  We are trying to put in language to ensure any CEMI sales are comparable to what a third party would get.  

Can you please share the royalty calculation provision in your lease that provides for gross royalties?  

Thanks in advance.

To be honest, it all depends on how much leverage you many acres, which County you're in, etc. where are you located and how much land do you have?


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