Has anyone paid a lab to sample and test their water before drilling?

If you are outside a defined radius of the drill bore, several companies will not test your water prior to drilling.   I would appreciate any information on labs you used; who, what testing level (1, 2 or 3), how much did it cost, how responsive were they to your questions, your overall impressions?   That kind of thing.   Thanks.

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I will update you on this question in about a week or so fandango.

Ok, thanks.

I also was out of the 3000ft radius for testing....however, they were drilling under my property....LITERALLY under my house/water well....so, I called the company that was drilling and asked them if they would test...and they did.  They used and outside testing company that is DEP accredited.  The people that came to collect the water were from a comany called RETTEW and they sent the sample to Test America which is in Ohio.  

OK, silly question perhaps. Started calling labs about testing. But ran into a question after one call. Quoted 495 for Tier 3 fracking (baseline) test. But if I want testing for agricultural-related chemicals done at the same time it's an additional $50 to $150. Those agricultural chemicals are included in Tier 1 and Tier 2 tests.  I was under the impression that Tier 3 ran the gamut, so included items in Tiers1 and 2. Am I mistaken on that or was the quote off?

Alloway's tier #3 test includes everything that #2 and #1 had but added BTEX and Methane.  In addition to the EPA Tier tests, they have packages "custom" assembled to more closely look at things O/G drilling would produce, after talking to other labs, especially in PA, according to them.   "Basic", " Moderate" and "Complete", similar to EPA Tier 1,2,3, but contain more tests.  Nitrate/Nitrite is one of them.

If tests were included in the tier 1 and 2, it seems they would be included in #3.  Might want to verify that with the lab.

Thanks, the first quote I got was vague about what you get for the price. Alloway was quick to respond with their specific pricing/options in an email, quick to answer my questions on the phone later, so I'll probably go with them.

I went with them, and so far am happy with the decision.   They came and sampled the water in person....filling nine (I think) bottles and promised results in ~10 days or so.  Very professional.   I paid for the full Monte ("complete") since I really have only one chance to do this right.


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