Has anyone received a royalty (NOT bonus) payment from Antero?

Hello, all! I'm in an Antero unit that went to sales on July 21. According to my contract, I'm supposed to begin getting royalties six months from the first day of the month after that, which would be February 1, 2015. I have heard that they are consistently late in paying royalties, and that they're behind on issuing division orders. Has anyone out there received a royalty (NOT signing bonus) payment from Antero? Anyone received a Division Order yet? Just curious if this is a good company to be dealing with. They seem to be a great producer. Thanks for anything anyone is willing to share. By the way, I'm in the Vorhies unit. The initial production numbers are up on their company presentation and they look pretty good!

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Paul: I have three wells that went on line in Jan 2014, I have received no D.O. or royalty checks as yet on any of these wells. I just returned from a trip 2000 miles (one way) to Doddridge County, found lots of leasing and drilling going on, My take is> Administration (paper work) way behind, think they bit off more than they can chew. Sure doesn't make me feel any better.

Paul: If your well is API 47-017-06333, I was on that pad when I went to Doddridge, I was interested with the Farrow well so did not ask in what stage your well was in, there are several wells on that pad in various stages of construction.The only thing that I can tell you is that you have a well on that pad, sorry, wish I had more info.

Arnold - I did reply, but put it in the wrong spot. I'm kind of a dummy about this web stuff : - ) See my reply under Matt's below.

Does anyone have a contact with Antero by chance?

Hey, Arnold. My well is in Senecaville and is already drilled and producting, all crews gone. I only know it as the Vorhies Units 1, 2 and 3. If your well went online in January, then theoretically - if you have the same Antero lease that I have - your first royalty would have been due by August 1, six months from the first day of the first month following sales. We're about two months past that now, which is what I've been told is their approximate lag time. However, NOTHING happens until you receive your Division Order, sign it, and return it, so if you haven't gotten that yet, they ARE pretty far behind! Thanks for your reply.


The ODNR map does not show the Vorhies Unit as "producing" yet, just that the well drilling is completed.  Have you actually seen production figures from ODNR yet?  Nothing is listed for that unit for Q2 production results....


Hey, Matt - you can contact Antero through their website at www.anteroresources.com. Look on the contact page and you'll find an email address for landowner relations. They do respond to inquiries, but it takes them a few days.

Ive done that, and have yet to get anything back. Kind of Disheartening. 

What are you trying to find out, Matt?

Just trying to find a way to get a hold of them to start some dialogue or something. 

Your right ,Paul. there should be plenty of folks getting royalties now from Antero in Noble co. for sure. It "tight lip" time!.

Sorry Paul, the well that I seen was the" Nickers" well,time to change my glasses, old age is the pitts.


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