How long can a parcel be HBP ( shallow vertical well) and not pay any royalties?

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not one comment?

As of late, if it doesn't involve politics or whos left or right  questions asked don't seem to get any response? That is rather sad but true, I'm no expert but I do have a shallow producing well, the deep and shallow were separated yet both are under the same lease that was signed in the 20's, it limited the holding time to 6 months from what I found, no production in paying quantities in 6 months  then no lease, it was originally for the oil, that was what everyone was seeking back in the day. Todays OG companies are unfortunately more for themselves, back in the day, deals could be made and with the shake of a hand, Your lease should state how and when it can be held? And if it doesn't, then you are at the Mercy of the Grantee and the State. Unless of course you have the $ and the politicians who can decide for ya. JIMHO Good luck.

Just depends on the lease terms. Present day leases generally have shut-in limit of 3 years. 

If you are in Ohio, ORC 1509.062 is the law re inactive wells. However, getting it enforced is another matter. There are wells that have been ordered to be plugged that have not been years later.

Lot of old wells in northern OHIO abandoned and not HBP. Interesting????

Gary L

The answer to this is, it depends.

Without knowing the reason the company has not paid royalties makes it difficult to answer.

For example, we use to receive royalties once a quarter. Now it's once a year.

My suggestion is that you contact the company,if you haven't already.

You could make a call or write asking what is going on. You may want a competent o&g attorney

to write a letter which in part my state, that you feel the well has been abandoned and the lease is null and void.

The response from the company may give you info as to how to proceed

Again, you haven't given enough info to offer a good answer. 


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