I have been hearing of companys offering $12000, $13000 even $15000/ acre to buy mineral rights. So far I haven't been able to find out who is making these offers. If you've received an offer in this range could you please tell me who made it? Thanks.

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Ps.   As I have stated on here before. I have never signed a lease 

Then why are you here, if you have never signed a lease you really have nothing to sell, do you ?

Can you sell un-leased land royalties ?

Yes you can sell unleased mineral rights......if they are in a proven area they are worth more than leased....I haven't sold mine either 

Are you crushed with folks wanting to lease your land ?

I would not say crushed but there have been lots of offers.....none without the market enhancement clause or as I call it......liscense to steal 

I have a market enhancement clause in my lease, it specifically prohibits charging against my royalties for a number of things associated with the production, transport, storage and sale of the oil and gas.

It does allow for the enhancement which brings a greater value to myself and the driller/producer.

This is an Antero lease that is a standard lease, I had the lease professionally looked at and it is a good one except for two minor areas which I could not get them to change and have nothing to do with the royalties.

If you cannot get the lease you want, and no one else is getting it either, maybe your concerns would need to be re-thought.

I know some are going to tell me how bad my lease is with the clause I mentioned, but it is solid against what so many have described pertaining to deducting to death your royalties.

I have my doubts that these practices will be encountered by us but I am prepared to pay an attorney to do an audit as it is permitted in my lease.

My in-laws have 30 acres in Richland township Guernsey county and they didn't want to lease for some reason.

They contacted an attorney to try to stop folks from harassing them about leasing but he told them the only way to stop it is to sign a lease, which they did.

Omg so glad ur back ed

I hope you are right about your enhance ement clause not being an issue....when I first started to look at leasing it didn't bother me but I read so many horror stories about that clause I got gun shy

The king of Saudi Arabia died this week and I believe Yemini rebels allied with some form of isis or alquieda now control much of yemen.

All it takes for oil to go through the roof is some escalation of the fighting into a full blown war, and if I sreal is attacked then look for $250 a barrel oil.

The markets are tough to predict sometimes, but they most certainly will not stay depressed forever.

And Ed makes a great point, one that I have made many times.

At $12,000 an acre you are giving away all your money after the first 10 months or so of production, depending on where you are, as well as any future formation that becomes profitable to produce.

I would let everything I own go if it meant I could hold onto my royalties.

I don't need the money right now, I can wait. And so can probably every one of you, unless your 85 years old and need the money to take up sky diving or get your pilots license.

I am working with some folks here in Dallas that are interested in buying minerals & royalties.  Individual investors for the most part and some folks coming off 1031 exchange.   They can pay over market value because they aren't advertising, marketing, etc.  PM me for more info. 


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