Today I read that Belmont County landowners are being offered $4950/a, and Guernsey County offers are also "up there", so to speak. And given that county lines are really just marks on a map, how can it be that offers in northern Noble County offers are so significantly less? What on earth is going on here? Eclipse is apparently the most active entity in Noble County, yet the news says that Chesapeake, in its deal with Hess, will be taking over in Noble and counties south of Guernsey... So why isn't Chesapeake trying to acquire acreage in these regions? Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I would appreciate any insights. I hate to think that only one company is seriously interested in Noble and/or Monroe. Gives them way too much negotiating leverage.

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Is this the article you are referring to, or was there a different article referencing Chesapeake?


Yes this is the article.
these are landowner groups who have stayed together as a unit for a fairly long period of time that have large blocks of property which are contiguous to each other where they have enough acres to put several drilling units together ,they require a lot of team work and some  money to keep communicating with each other .It is something to be proud of when you can keep several people together for the good of each other . anyone can start to contact their neighbors and pool together to have a larger block of acreage . Then you need to learn the proper clauses to add to get the best benefits for your land after drilling actually starts . It takes a lot of research then you have to contact the large company leasing departments to arrange meeting to address the acreage locations and their requirements. There may be a group in your area . Just keep asking your friends and neighbors to do whats best for you to combine your properties and hold out together for a better offer than these landmen offer when they single you out .
Hess's deal was with Consol, as well they just bought out Marquette.
Sorry, I stand corrected. Which makes me wonder, what are Consol's plans?
Would love to know myself Mirabelle, it's the third time in four yrs my lease has changed hands. Everybody seems to be making money on my land but me.

Hess will be the operator in the wet zone (NGLs) Belmont Harrison, Guernsey, Jefferson, etc.

Consol will be the operator in the oil /dry gas counties to the north, Portage, Stark, Mahonning, etc.


Thank you for the information, Randy.
Just confirming that Randy is correct.


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