I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how long it takes before a right's owner begins seeing some kind of royalties once a well pad is in place?  I was "unitized" back in April on a pad 1/2 mile behind my home.  Since then they've installed an entire drilling pad, put up a tower (about three weeks ago - complete with bright lights and all), and they've been going gang-busters day and night back there.  How long does it take to drill a well?  Is there a website somewhere that I can look at to see progress, or is that wishful thinking?



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My property permitted June 2011,  Verticals drilled late 2012, company sold and new company finished drilling in late 2014 early 2015, company sold acreage in June 2015 new company to frack right away which changed to fracking in early 2016 and has since changed to fracking in early 2017.  New company keeps drilling wells and have 19 wells drilled awaiting fracking.

So short answer to your question. Don't know?  Seven years? Fingers crossed!


Could you provide the county / API associated with your well?

Monroe county, washington township, unit 703 Gary Green today with Gulfport.

Could be those tanker trucks are contracted to more than one company and make several stops before heading to the rail yard. Anyone know?

I've wondered how easy it would be for a foreman or super to collude with a driver and send out a truck and split the proceeds. You would think that there are strict controls and cameras and so forth, but  so far as  I know there are not.

Best for a nearby landowner to set up trailcams to record each and every tanker truck leaving the wellsite. Hopefully with plate and I.D. #s from trucks if possible. may come in handy in a lawsuit!

There are rumors of tanker trucks stealing oil from one tank and putting it into a different one at night, then he next day picking up the oil from the second well. My aunt wrote to my dad about this decades ago (the rumor). I myself heard a similar rumor about a different company more recently. Of course this is hearsay but where there's smoke there's a fire...


Nancy, I suspect I know who you are talking about and there should be a fire truck sitting in his driveway 24/7 from all the smoke coming from him / the family.  ;)

You might be right ! But I'm not sayin'....

Utica Wells are producing huge volumes of Oil, Natural Gas and NGLs.

Most companies are bragging about the volumes while the Unethical companies are under reporting volumes based on a comparison of well volumes reported to the ODNR using the Honor System.

Chesapeake already has a history of under reporting well products which can be seen on line if you search. I have no doubt they are under reporting and so far the evidence says its bigger than I thought.

I'm sure Cheapeake has underestimated what will happen when we get around to acknowledging their theft. These "Easterners" are trusting fools for now, but you won't escape our legal wrath when the judge's hammer drops. We have the toughest RICO Law in the Nation and there is no way to change or hide what you have done Doug. Oh, and this will be Criminal Court not Civil Court. Prison Time will be handed out.

I'm sure that under reporting happens, but when they sell the product that they didn't report, wouldn't there be a record of that that somewhere? another set of books?  If they report 25 truckloads of oil in a month from a well, but really sent out out 40 truckloads ,say to Marathon in Canton, Wouldn't Marathon report to the IRS that they received and paid for 40 loads, not 25?  Cheating the landowner may be important to their profit margin, but somewhere there has to be #s that  don't conflict .

"you won't escape our legal wrath when the judge's hammer drops".....the only thing that's gonna drop is your drawers when you get hosed by counsel...my advice is don't make any plans for your anticipated new found wealth...lol


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