In the know on H20. Great article posted on the water usage in the Marcellus..

It's time to get the facts out about the water usage and environmental impacts.

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WOW that is a eye opening article.
I did not know any of that. I was with everyone that thought they (well frackers) would suck up all of our water at some point.
Thank you for the link.
I hope everone takes the time to read it.
Thanks for the information - If there is an interest - I have been working on Mine water treatment for about 20 years and I am located in Wilkes Barre at Wilkes University.
There is definitely an interest. I have many clients involved in the Marcelleus that are looking for information on the environmental impact as the drilling begins/continues. Perhaps we could set up an informational meeting.
happy to help with this type of meeting
my email is


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