Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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Anyone else noticing excavation equipment on the Marchand well pad, and what`s going on?  … pad expansion or new impoundment or what else?  There is a new Marcellus Shale well permit for this pad.

Anything new here?

It looks like the Utica - CNX wells in this area are a bust. Too much $$ to drill, inferior/exploding frac pipe without sufficient production. Risk/Reward out of balance 

Very interesting...the production pipe problem was at Beaver Run Reservoir in Westmoreland County.  How about Marcellus Shale gas wells in the area.   When will the industry drill wells that aren`t necessarily block busters but good quality & steady producing wells?

The frac pipe issue wasn't in this co-op area. That occurred in CNX's Beaver Run sweet spot area near the Gaut's.  I don't know that that incident has any bearing on the efforts in Indiana/Armstrong/Jefferson Counties.

BW - what do you mean by co-op area?  Maybe the only impact from the Shaw well incident will be a new supplier for production pipe for CNX.

CNX and XTO have some cooperative agreement, based upon the recorded instruments, to at least share information on their Utica development in those areas.  I don't think CNX's Beaver Run is part of that.

Any news for the current plans for the Marchand Pad?  Will the pipeline be finally completed soon?  Any more wells to be drilled here?

I would assume no plans for anything that far out of the core.  Would go in the face of their curtailments highlighted in their most recent shareholder presentations.

From a shareholder perspective, you wouldn't want anyone developing right now.

Toy Pipeline Contracting from Washington, PA vehicles have been seen around the Marchand area and on the ROW from the Marchand pad to the DTI station.   Does this mean anything for the future of this pipeline or well activity?

CNX just permitted 7 Utica wells near the Shaw pad, which is the pad which had the faulty casing back in early 2019 and cost them ~30mln to contain.......

Is this a sign that CNX is interested in the CPA region again?  What about Northern CPA?


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