For anyone that will be dealing with Rover, you are in store for the laugh of your life. The money they are offering is beyond ridiculous. I'm hearing numbers like one dollar per foot for access and five bucks a foot for an easement. Are they serious? My lawyer is handling the mess, I don't need the headache.

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Does anyone know for sure that Rover is putting just one pipeline in the ROW?

It's funny how  "Rover" reacts when the landowner asks how many feet the pipeline will cross their land. They refuse to answer. They want to deal in acreage and purchasing the easement. The "standard" for any pipeline is by the per foot basis. Trying to get them to tell you the distance is like pulling teeth. That's why I'm letting the attorneys/land group handle it. I ruined his day when I told him the attorneys are handling my negotiations.

Does anyone have a detailed map of Rovers planned route through Tyler county WV? They say there are copies at the library, but I cant get there.

I got a letter early on asking for permission to survey, but no word since.

Nothing detailed.  The Rover hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention in WV, unfortunately.  Here are the best maps I've been able to find so far.

The official fact sheet says which Tax Districts it will be passing through, and how many miles.

The best negotiating tactic if you don't need the money is...."this is what we think it is worth the ROW and if it is to much money....go around us"  Never just say no.  Once you get the $$$ figured out than negotiate a solid agreement on terms.  Dig in Zack, you might want a new attorney on it!!

They're just giving a dollar per foot?  Not a dollar per foot per inch?  That was the old standard.  The new standard for smaller pipes is around $2-3/foot/inch.  Bigger pipes, and noted by kit, are going for even more.  I'm not licensed in Ohio, but if your lawyer wants to give me a call and discuss general pipeline issues, I'd be glad to talk with him/her for a while.  Just make sure the attorney doesn't feel like I'm trying to get in their way.  Some attorneys don't take well to the suggestion to talk with another attorney.

Rover is putting in a 36 inch line through my area. I think a line of this size should hit $150 or more per foot. They are trying to purchase the easement instead of dealing per foot. Their thought process the land and lay the pipeline, thus forgoing the per foot price. "It's our easement now....we can do as we please". It's amazing the tactics they use to rip off the landowner. 

Yep.  Lots of unsuspecting people will fall for it, too.

Try to get them to give you a monthly/quarterly/yearly payment.  That way you know when they stop using the pipeline decades from now.

Me Nuttall have you been successful negotiating wheelage or yearly payments ?

Nope.  But there's always a first time.  The only way it's going to happen is if enough people ask for it.  Their usual reply is that, "we don't do that."  The second reply is, "we aren't set up to do that in our accounting office."  They'll also say, "it's just too hard for us to do."  We've got to keep pushing for it.

It's quite comical the way Rover is wanting to purchase the easement instead of talking price per foot. Do they think we haven't educated ourselves regarding this whole process. The tactics that were used just a few years ago won't work now. 

Tell them you'll rent them an easement.  Monthly payments for as long as the easement exists, with a yearly increase based off inflation.


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