We leased with Chesapeake and then had a "lease assignment" with Statoil now we have another "lease assignment" with Anadarko E&P company. Does anyone know what this means? We are not in a unit yet. Any info would be wonderful. (our land is in herrick township Bradford county )

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They do it because they have been able to get away with it
Chesapeake has brought in companies to partner up with for the leases or drilling partners this is common this will be a big play and will cost a great deal of money. Thanks Mike
It is strange to me this love/hate relationship we have with the oil companies.
We have owned our land for more then 30 years and we never thought this (drilling)
Would happen now that it has and it looks like it may be a form of income, and a boom
For people ( let's not forget getting our energy needs met at home) we are going to b****
About why people don't get the checks right away. 6 months seems long ,but I didn't put any
Money up for drilling or getting the gas/oil to market. The oil companies are in business
they make money
We make money
If you don't mind. Please loan me $150,000. I promise to pay you $150,000 after a six month period.
Sure no problem will you drill me a well (or six) them pump out gas or oil and sell it and pay me royalties for the next 50 years or so .(:
Royalties are where it's at. If you give someone a royalty check they can make  you roll over with gratitude after the deal is done.

need info..lease agreement has 90 days to pay the sign on bonus..do they wait till the last day or what.?


you should be removed from this site you are a very negative person all for me and no one else. people that work in the oil and gas industry work very hard long hours sometimes for no pay and some times we get lucky and make alote of money however we have worked very hard for that. 

lease agreement has 120 days to pay sign up deal..do they wait thill the last day..or week..and people that try to seperate the gas and oil industry from ordinary people forget we are all part of the industry..most of us on the using end..we demand..they produce..and if done right will help the lives of so many with jobs..

sure business is business..dont be a fool..read up and seek advise on leasing..



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