I would find a listing of ongoing suits against CHK to be of interest to me. I suspect that others may find suits against other companies of interest as well. Would it be possible/worthwhile to have such a listing on this site?


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Wonderful Jim,

That tip is most valuable. Hopefully Gas Heir can use it to his advantage.


Problem is that Columbia, now chesapeake only sold the top lease and kept the deep. So if top is producing it holds the deep. The wildcatter opened the well in 1997 (well was drilled on 1982, lease should have been up in 1983) Chesapeake says we should sue the wildcatter. But like I said we just need released. We have hired a lawyer and it is supposed to be going in front of a judge but I will forward that ruling to the lawyer, I'm sure I'll pay for the paper he prints it on as well as the time it takes him to read it.....but we decided we need to clear it up whether we ever see a penny of royalties so the mess doesn't get passed onto yet another generation!

Chesapeake Energy Company fined $765,000 over royalty reports


If you have a website URL to share, that details the CHK fines, it would be most helpful



These Chesapeake news clippings are on the web. Let's start off in North Carolina.

North Carolina

Chesapeake Gas Caught Defrauding Royalty Owners-Lawsuit Judgement in North Carolina - $405 Million Bucks

23:23 on 19 February 2007

The Roane County Circuit Court jury found in the case that a gas producer called Columbia Natural Resources LLC — which was once owned by NiSource, but now belongs to Chesapeake — underpaid royalty owners by $134 million and deserved to pay $271 million more in punitive damages.

- See more at: http://salon.glenrose.net/default.asp?view=plink&id=2861#sthash...

Excellent listing Ron-thanks very much. It is exactly references like these that are of interest to me personally, and hopefully to others as well.



   How about a state by state past lawsuites against CHK? 

I have TX, SD, LA, NC, PA, and MI plus the Texas Lawyers that are putting together the largest lawsuit in the US and have their own website.

Hi r

Hi CJ.

You Go; Texas lawyers! This thread is gonna get interesting. Hopefully CHKP. will eventually get tired of the all the lawsuits,the court battles,the attorney fees,and just start playing by the rules.

Dear Bo,

A wonderful hope, but our best bet would be to educate our viewers and to see what options may suggest themselves because of the knowledge shared.


I believe they make more money cheating and stealing.  Its cheaper for them to go to court.

Sadly, Don, that appears to be the case. Therefore we as landowners need to deal with that poor behavior by being watchful, resourceful and knowledgeable. The service provided by this site allows us the opportunity to do so, thanks to Keith.



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