I would find a listing of ongoing suits against CHK to be of interest to me. I suspect that others may find suits against other companies of interest as well. Would it be possible/worthwhile to have such a listing on this site?


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      All the information I have is who was paid by CHK and why. They usually settle out of court so there is no conviction.

It appears as if the public is winning when the truth is CHK makes more money then they pay out and always say they did nothing wrong.

Landowners with royalty payments will know what CHK is doing wrong. I don't expect anyone earning a living from CHK to take sides until they are dumped by the ceo as everyone will be since downsizing is always the key to increased take home of a ceo in any business. That's where the middle class in our country went, they were downsized. Take a look around your area.

I don't really see any point in "taking sides" in any of this, it isn't a game, it's business.

the way to succeed in business is to ascertain the facts, and act on them dispassionately and in ones' own best interest. it never works out well when folks go getting all emotional.

if I feel that I have a good chance of winning a suit that nets me a hundred grand, I'm still not gonna go ahead if it costs me 200 to prove a point. now if they'll settle for 50 grand without me spending anything, then I figure I'm 50 grand ahead even if chk got to keep the other 50.


For those tracking the lawsuits filed against CHK;

Note the Case/Docket Number, date of initial filing, the City/Town County and State where filed, and the name of the court where the suit was filed.

As time goes on for those who also end up filing suit against CHK, by having the information of previous suits filed you can go back to those cases and get copies of documents entered as evidence.  Because they are part of a court case those documents are now public domain.

By taking documents entered as evidence in prior cases you will be able to show the alleged pattern of corruption by CHK that is being reported by public media outlets.

that's great! thanks


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