I was asked to lease to Ascent LLC for a price of $500 recently . Four years ago I signed a lease ainGuernsey county for $6,500 per acre. Has it gone down that much per acreage or are they giving me a lowball price?

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Ascent LLC is able to do that with them being the only company leasing in the area. You can hold out and hope they don't remove you from a proposed unit and ask for more bonus money. I had a friend who received an offer from them to either lease fo$500 an acre osell fo$6000 an acre. 

It depends on the terms, it looks like a lowball.  Offers last year in parts of Carroll County were $2000-2500 per acre and 15 to 17 percent for 8 to 10 year terms.  For an area with good potential production, a low $500 per acre offer should come with a short primary and secondary term, less than 6 years total, and a royalty in the 17 to 20 percent range without deductions.  This type of offer could be expected to have significant Utica production nearby. Offers would be less if there is no production within several miles or so.  Geology can vary over relatively short distances and that is a consideration as well, unfortunately the average landowner does not have much access to that information in a user friendly form.  Always consult an experienced oil and gas attorney before agreeing to any terms.

Lease rates vary greatly here in Monroe County OH.  Last week I heard of $1000 to $3500.

My lease in Tyler County, WV is going to expire in November, 2022. I offered to renew with no increase, and I have not heard back from Antero. I have over 122 acres, and they had me leased on an annual basis.

Be careful on asking too much from Antero, my family learned the hard way and hired an attorney who didn’t ask the Landman for a proposed unit map. Their tract got kicked out of the unit. When you talk to the Antero Landman, ask him for a proposed unit map. 

Joe, In dealing with 3 different companies over the years I found that the Landman are not allowed to give you a proposed unit map because it is speculative, subject to change and highly confidential. The most a Landman may do is give you verbal info on the Unit but will always say it is subject to change. I have been told that most companies are only leasing what they truly plan to drill. It's not like 10 years ago when they were spending money on leases right and left trying to get as much land as they could. These are truly different times.


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