Has anyone gotten any leasing offers or lease extensions on previous leases in Belmont County that were originally created by the land groups . Please share any leasing terms and bonus offers which have been accepted which may help guide others that have not had their leases extended yet . With any luck it would stand to reason when and if  the Cracker Plant  construction decision is finally announced this  should bring back competitive leasing offers that were being offered between 2012 -2015. What are your thoughts .

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Gulfport extended our lease in Washington township Belmont county 

You have to remember leasing bonuses are driven by competition, if multiple companies are not in the area it does not behoove a company to just pay a large bonus.  Bonuses are great, but royalties are where it is at.

Hello, my name is Brett McCormick and I am the president of Monarch Minerals (www.monarchminerals.net). We help lease mineral owners property as well as help them broker their minerals, similar to a real estate agent. We have tremendous contacts in the industry and can help maximize mineral owners interests. If you have any questions at all about our services, please feel free to reach out. My email is Brett.mccormick@monarchfc.com


If you are working in Ohio check the new regulations on who can and cannot buy/sell minerals.   Has nothing to do with the mineral owner, but are you qualified to do the transaction.    Just a heads up.

Are you in any current land owner group trying to get leased?   At least a few of my neighbors with over 100 acres are in a group with me.  I was told we were offered 4000 about a month ago and turned it down.  It would be nice to make the group larger.  


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