Hello everyone,

     I have some land in Burton OH at a new home I just bought.  I am wondering about the following things.

I was told that the area is not drastically active at the moment.  I was wondering if you guys know of any companies that are paying like a thousand an acre to lease, and or companies that want to buy mineral rights without a subordination clause from a bank?

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We invite you to join your local landowners group, Eastern Geauga Landowners. 440-632-5100



Do you have any open/informational meetings planned or scheduled?

Since Wishgard bellied up and NELA pulled the plug it appears that more acerage is available now for sign up.

BMD doesn't talk until its time to re sign for another 6 months so many of their folks are becoming discouraged with lack of any communication whether good or bad.

It would be interesting to see what would be offered and your overall positions on a good lease from EGL. These could be answered in a forum if you offered one.


Over the last 2yrs we have had many open/info meetings. We are now concentrating on our members list with over 530 landowners. We are emailing and sending postcards to members when there is any new activity to report. Others may follow our blogs and news postings on our website. We invite you to join your neighbors.



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