From the lack of discussion, it appears there is nothing going on in Guernsey County regarding mineral leasing.  I did get a letter regarding out right purchasing of my minerals. 

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That  is the farthest from the truth. It s. crazy around certain parts of the county

I own 38 acres outside of Cambridge but don't actually live there.  I try to follow the local news paper to get the latest news. Do you know companies attempting to buy or lease mineral rights? My neighbor said it all but dried up. go figure

I get a couple letters or phone calls a week . Im about 20 miles east of cambridge.   A few off the top of my head are Flatiron, Bounty Minerlas, Stratigic Land Partners, Black Hollow, . These are just a few  that ive talked to in the past couple weeks. Maybe  because their getting ready to drill on our unit in a couple weeks. Im sure that has something to do with it.. 

To the best of my knowledge each O&G company has an annual leasing budget. By this time of the year I suspect most, if not all, O&G companies have exhausted the leasing budgets for 2013. If I am right, the fact that leasing seems to have died down makes sense. It doe not necessarily mean that O&G companies have lost interest in leasing in the Utica. IMHO

all speculation if you are in the right parts of the county you would be  able to lease that means anything east of cambridge  shell chk  b3  eclispe they will lease you if you are in certain area dont be mistaken thing about it is getting numbers their are many people on here that are leased with them and could get the numbers but now that they are leased they just read and ask questions about money this site is nothing like what it was 2 years ago go back and see how the communication was and how people helped people  their are a handfull of people on here that contribute alot but for the 3/4 majority that have leased all they look for is the money /royalties and updates on when they will be drilled it is bad to see posts that have 700 people who read them and not one reply Im thinking their needs to be a group called the unleased that away people who have singed and dont contribute can stay with their own group and give updates on wells/royalties /blah blah  dont get me wrong I am happy for all who have singed and such but those who have could help us who have not alot more.... Im sure others agree goood luck to all

Do you know which companies your neighbors are leased with?  If one company is dominate in your area then you should try and get a lease with them.  I would not recommend selling your mineral rights unless you need the money badly.  Selling mineral rights is forever!  If you don't need the money right now be patient.  When they put a well pad near you, they will want you in the unit.  Then you will be able negotiate for a better lease.

Best of luck

I'm not in any hurry just don't want to be left out in the end. I don't want the companies taking underground without paying either. I don't want my land all messed up and I've researched leasing and selling of minerals. Thanks for all of you that answered, its good to know there are a few folks that still don't mind giving some friendly advice.

Dennis.....relax,  you won't be left out. 


WHEN   your acres are needed for a UNIT.......they will find you....and then you will have

and edge for getting better terms.


As stated  before....leasing budgets are spent,   and too many acres are already leased than can be drilled.


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