Date: 12/09/2015

Pennsylvania Attorney General files lawsuit accusing energy producer of deceptive practices


          The National Association of Royalty Owners-PA(NARO-PA) thanks  Attorney General Kane and her staff for the action taken today to protect thousands of landowners who receive shale gas royalties.  Although the industry has brought many positives to Pennsylvania, Chesapeake’s practices in regards to royalty payments have been questionable.  We look forward to continuing to work with the Attorney General’s office along with our advocates in the legislature to resolve this issue  We are grateful for the initial letter sent by Senator Yaw, and additional letters sent by Representatives Everett, Major, Pickett and Baker, Former Governor Corbett, and the Bradford County Commissioners calling for the Attorney General  to investigate these unfair practices .   NARO-PA represents landowners throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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