Ok, so here's the deal. I have a couple of acres that are in the middle of a well with four laterals. I mean right in the middle, two on each side. The well is producing. But, somehow, I am not in the drilling unit. Until now, I assumed that if a property is within the laterals of a producing well, it would be included in the drilling unit(s).

So, here's my question. How close do you have to be to one of those lateral lines on the ODNR website to be included in the drilling unit? Does the lateral line have to actually pass through a property even though it is between the laterals?


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I didn't even know our property was included within the well laterals and it was just a small piece of 20 acres.

The driller is supposed to include the entirety of our 98 acres in the lease.

The DEP chief of WV sent me the entire map of the unit and all legs of the lateral included.

This is what you also want.

Maybe, the USGS may have a map of the well and it does not hurt to ask.

How old is this well?

Good luck..

The well is less than a year old.

Where is the well and where is your property?

In Ohio, all property within 500' of a lateral must be leased.

Thanks. I found the well map, an antero well, my lease is with Eclipse. According to the map, my property is in the unit??!!?? But, I never received any notification that the lease was sold and Antero has never contacted me about anything. The well is complete and I'm amazed. I am going to call both Eclipse and Antero on Monday. It's hard to believe I'm in an active well site yet have never been notified or paid.
The property is in ohio, Noble county, out by the lake.


If you are in the ODNR well viewer you can click on the well and you will get a pop-up that you can scroll though for each well.  If you look at the "Well Summary Report Link" for each well then you should go to the Well Summary report and you can click on the Platmaps.pdf (there may be multiple platmaps if the unit has been revised) near the bottom of the page that will show the well lateral and all the parcels that are included in that well's unit.  

Thanks to all who have replied. I contacted Eclipse who in turn gave me an Antero contact number and email address. Antero said that they have not sent out DOU Notification (what ever that is)but that my property is in the unit. They anticipate the unit to go to first sales in June 2018 and that I will not receive a division order until Oct-Dec of 2018. It seems so weird that a property can be placed in a drilling unit, the well can be drilled, and the land owner not be told. Anyone in the middle of lease negotiation might want to include a notification clause in the lease.

Thanks Carp.


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