New wells being drilled in unit that's been in production for years?

My family and I are part of a unit in Guernsey County that has been in production for several years (the Donna well, Ascent). They have a drill rig recently set up, about ready to go. I checked permits thinking they may be (re)drilling the current laterals. However, the permits say it is new drilling.

Is this possibly just semantics, as when you search permits, there are several types (ie, "convert...", "new...")? Or has there been changes to the required distance between laterals, so that new laterals could be drilled between the original ones? It doesn't say it's for a new formation (I've heard somewhere there is another below where they've already drilled) so I'm just curious if anyone else has seen/experienced the same.

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if you go to this link you can scroll through all the documents, you may need to search donna

Thx for the info. For the life of me, I thought there was a unit in production NE of my land; I know better. I should have researched a little more. Wishful thinking onu part, hoping they would do something to get better numbers out of our unit!


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