I have 45 acres in Noble county and recently received an offer to lease my mineral rights from a company going by the name of: Double Down, LLC. Has anyone heard of this company or received any leasing offers recently? I googled their number in Millersburg, OH but only came up with a website selling puppies. I also tried calling a drilling company going by the name of Double Down Energy Services out of Midland, TX but their number was no longer in service. Has anyone heard of these companies or heard of leasing in the Noble County area?

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I have not heard of them. They could be a flipper. All I know is way before EAP leased me I started getting letters  and phone calls from companies trying to lease me or buy my mineral rights. Many low ball prices. It's like everyone knew the area was eventually going to be leased for a Unit.

Thank you Dot. I will keep researching them & wait for further letters or replies.

The letters we got for Double Down, LLC for properties in stark county, were to BUY the mineral rights. So I would think just a speculator  

Thank you for the input Tacoma. The letter did not indicate lease or buy but I have no interest in selling my mineral rights. I will continue to monitor this website and see if there is any other interest in leasing in Noble County.


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