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it is on the back burner...........ODNR is not capable of following their policy of getting public information to the public in a "timely" manner......they do not give a sh!t about getting this done quickly.

you will see it when you see it.

3rd Qtr  has passed too......

The 3rd quarter does not end until Sept.30. The 2nd quarter ended on June 30. The producers have 45 days from June 30 to report production results to ODNR which would end in the middle of August. So essentially it has not even been a month yet from when the producers reported their quarterly numbers to the ODNR. The ODNR has no time frame in which they have to report the numbers to the public.

Opps.....yea  i guess I'm wishing Sept. was past.

TM- they actually do have a policy when public information is requested, that uses words like "timely" and "expedient" ............per their policy they are supposed to tell the requester how long it will take to grant the request.

but they do not do any of this..........they do not follow their policy........they do not care.

Hey; why do this week what you can put off for a few more months?  

   While I am not prone to defending ODNR, the fact is they must await information from the E&P's. I haven't seen any documentation placing deadlines on receipt of information. However, if I were put in charge of this by ODNR (Heaven forbid!), I would both place a deadline (with some teeth) for receipt of information and mandate a consistent format so that the minions at ODNR would  merely have a cut & paste exercise.

  This is likely above and beyond the capability of ODNR.



the deadline is 45 days after the end of the quarter ....but there is no deadline for ODNR to publish the report to the public

  If all data were not submitted until 8/15, it's not unreasonable for ODNR to devote two weeks to assimilating data. Theoretically, we should see some numbers soon.

  However, it seems like it shouldn't take 45 days to get industry info. I'm sure all of them close the books every month and therefore should have production data very shortly thereafter.



I spoke directly with Rick Simmers about this very issue earlier this year. His position was the producer will comply, and indicated that some back of the room threats were made to enforce compliance. None of this was ever made into a big deal, of course.

What I failed to ask was whether or not those threats were verbal or in writing.

If in writing, someone with gumption could initiate a freedom of information request  to see.

The answers for production will come. My concern is whether or not they are truthful accountings.

All lease audits will begin here. Are the reported production numbers correct? 

Or fictitious?


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