Heard a local rumor that the old Guttman tank farm on Ellsworth rd is to be put back in service.  Person said he heard that the rail line that they capped the crossings for last year would be put back in service too.  Anyone else heard anything about it?

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There is a crew working across the road from there lately,looks like welding pipe for something.I did see a weed control company spraying guttman oil. Something is going on there. And the for sale sign is gone.

It would make sense.

Moving products in and products out is usually more efficient using rail.

Look at the investment Halcon is making on a facility in Lordstown.

That facility will accept frac sand and ship oil out. $70 million investment.

We suspected that this might happen. Glad to see that it might be put to good use.

Since this is on the main board, we should let the readers know that it is in Mahoning County Ohio sitting on the border of Ellsworth, and Berlin Townships. A nice flat rural area sitting next to a railroad spur that goes North to Lordstown.


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