A few weeks ago, while riding around our property in Belmont County, we came across a bunch of trees marked with orange ribbons, on our property and going into the neighbors property as well. No names or numbers on any of them. I have made numerous phone calls to Chesapeake (who holds our lease and has yet to get back to me), my attorney and the ODNR. No one has any answers for me. At this point I don't know who else to contact to try and get some answers. We only visit our property on the weekends and I am afraid that we're going to show up one weekend to cut timber. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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We were never contacted for seismic testing and I haven't seen any stakes. These trees are in the middle of the woods on top of one of our ridges. No access roads just old logging roads and paths we take our bikes on.

Probably seismic work.  Next trip talk to neighbors, local store employees and local government officials.  They will know what is going on and who to contact.

Thanks for your advice! I contacted the seismic company currently working in Belmont county and was told they are currently working in Martins Ferry area and completed testing in my area over 5 months ago. These ribbons are newly placed......any other thoughts or suggestions?? My property was also recently added to the Chesapeake/Deutshe financial contract....

Does anyone know what the "Pink" ribbons are for - I found one just a few feet from the roadway along side of my driveway.  I ripped it out. They pounded a rod into the ground and tied the pink plastic onto it. They have no right to be on my property, period!

They may if the ribbons are in the ROW of a road, sewer line, powerline, water line or some other ROW/Easement owned by others.

Linda......I think if the stake is a few feet away from your driveway, it is not your property. The state owns so much footage on either side of the road. You may want to check on that.

I have a fence that is at least 6' off the roadway and it was pretty even with it, and besides no one else on the road had any




If your property borders a state highway sometime in the past when the highway was constructed a ROW was given, not ownership.  I obtained a drawing of the 1936 ROW given to Ohio that borders my property.  In Ohio contact the Division office for your area if you are curious.  It was in a computer file and I had it within minutes of the phone call.

When TGC did the seismic testing in Columbiana County Ohio last year I was informed by some of their filed reps that the Orange ribbons were where they placed the dynamite charges for some of the tests that they did.  Pink was leading up to and where they placed the devices to take the readings.  Blue and White out by the road was supposed to be a possible entrance to a pad and blue and white in the middle of a field was where the drill bit was supposed to tentatively hit the ground.

If you are further along in the drill pad process and if the ribbons were placed by an environmental support company such as Rettew the colors would have a different meaning.

Should someone have contacted me if they are doing seismic testing on our property?

You could post a sign with your phone number near the flags stating that the property owner must be notified before any activity takes place. They might call, they might not.

You could also place a few trail cams in the area.

Thanks Calla! That's exactly what we've done. We placed signs on every tree marked and placed cameras out. No pictures of anyone yet....just pulled the cameras tonight and only have pictures of wildlife. My husband spoke with a few neighbors this evening as well and noone has any idea as to what these ribbons could be and have not been contacted for seismic testing either. Still at a loss.....


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